Updated: October 1, 2016

In this Periscope broadcast I talk about being asked at the gym for a business card and not having any on me. I cover the importance of having a digital business card and why you need to get one right now.  See the video for more.


Potential client: Asks you for your business cardAsk for their phone number so that you can text it to them. Use your business number (not your personal).

You: Say sure thing! What’s your phone number and I’ll text it to you. Use your business number (not your personal) to send the text message. In the text message include:

  • Your name
  • Remind them how you met
  • And attach/send your business card

Why send a digital business card?

  • Because your tech savvy
  • You also now have a direct line of contact with the person
  • You stand out & they are more likely to remember you
  • You’ve made it into their phone, not their inbox or pocket, but their phone. The only thing they can’t live without and take everywhere

Below is my original post from awhile back showing you the physical business card as well as the digital one.


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