Grab Your 7 Tips For How To Look Good On Camera

(Includes tips for Zoom)

I had a great night in San Francisco on Tuesday at the Blab headquarters for the #SummitLive conference with Midori Verity.

The main presenter Dana Garrison shared some INCREDIBLE information. She discussed the 3 E’s to growing your following. These are 3 simple tactics that I can personally vouch for and I am adding a fourth E – it’s a huge one! Before I share them, however, I just have to remind you about two key concepts. First, make sure you share simple, everyday tactics. Also figure out the 1-3 things that you want to be known for. Ok, now we’re ready to get into those E’s.

Dana’s 3 E’s to grow your following on Live stream (Periscope, Facebook Live, Blab, etc.):

  • Education – what are you going to teach someone? Remember the 1-3 things you want to be known for
  • Emotion – How are people going to connect with you? Share experiences, tell a story, etc.
  • Entertainment – Comedy, dancing, playing music, etc.

Employing at least one of these will help grow your following. If you can work your way up to doing all 3 you are golden. Be sure to add in my 4th E:

  • Engagement – Engaging directly with the broadcaster and the people in the room is key! If you do nothing else, you better do this! Get pumped up and inspired by watching me talk about this in the video. You have to treat online engagement just like you would with offline engagement. It’s like meeting up with friends at Starbucks. Don’t direct sell and be real.


Dana mentioned a helpful tip to try when you do live broadcasting. Set a timer for every 5 minutes or so to reset and re-introduce yourself for those who are new. Remember, it’s like going to Starbucks (check out Websites, Landing Pages, Social Media & Starbucks for more). And don’t forget to ask for the share. Though this is something I personally hate doing because I feel like people should naturally want to share any great content I discuss, BUT we all have to remember one thing. If we engage, we can easily forget because we are so wrapped up in the conversation.

What do you think? This is where you get to use my 4th E – engage in the comments below!

Share your thoughts, tips, and best practices. 


Resources: Blab, Dana, Midori Verity, Summit Live, Periscope

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