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Be part of the Y-Notter Movement & share your entrepreneurial journey LIVE on our show (airing on Facebook ) & always on our blog.

Please note: You must have connected with Ed previously before proceeding. Proceeding without connecting with Ed prior will create scheduling conflicts.

Are you an online business owner (coach, consultant or small business owner) who has connected with Ed and would like to be on his Facebook Live show + Podcast? If so, keep reading!

The Live Show is all about “Conversation worth having” around business and is where we dive into entrepreneurship! 

You will join Ed LIVE on Facebook to have a conversation about your business – what you do, who you serve, and how you manage everything.

Viewers (majority of our audience is women, 40+, who are either working a 9-5 and running a side business or are full-time entrepreneurs all looking for easier ways of running their business online) will tune in to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur first hand as they eavesdrop in on our conversation. Our episode will also be shared over on our podcast called, Yes to Entrepreneurship.

To get started: 

1. Be sure you have already connected with Ed (schedule a quick chat)

2. Book your date and fill out the form

3. Check your email for the confirmation email with all the details for next steps.

*Please note, we do our best to accommodate everyone and if you do not see any open time slots please add yourself to our waitlist here

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