Sunday’s are reserved for relaxing and exploring. At least that’s how I look at Sunday’s. Today started off with only one plan, to grab breakfast with an old friend at Worth Our Weight in Santa Rosa. While catching up at breakfast we talked about how we both have been wanting to go and explore Healdsburg, a town just 15 minutes up the freeway. Then I thought, we are talking about wanting to go, why don’t we just go? Part of that “Decide then do” mindset (thanks Nicole Walters).

We all know how hard it is to schedule time to catch up with friends or go out and explore somewhere new when our work schedules are so demanding. So today was the day! Today we took advantage and seized the day! Below is a recap of our adventures in Healdsburg including a few quick Periscope (edited versions) tours. Remember, you have to make the time to reward yourself, to take breaks and be spontaneous! You work hard! You deserve a break! No, you need a break. So get out there and enjoy the day!



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