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“I don’t know how a startup millennium business is surviving without this community! Seriously! For less than the price of a frugal dinner for two ($60), you no longer have to be and know ALL. OF. THE. THINGS! Seriously, how is anyone building or running a business and NOT in the Hey Ed community?!” – Current member 

Business and tech support like no other.

Where else can you get business consulting, tech support, and a community that stands behind you all month long all for less than what you would spend on a cup of black coffee per day.


Find what you need in less time.

You may not know exactly what you need or even what to ask for and that’s ok. I help you quickly figure it all out so you can keep moving forward in your business — it’s one of my superpowers. Plus, you learn hacks, tools, and resources I use in my business which will help you grow yours.

A community that stands behind you.

Join a community that not only helps you grow your network but more importantly helps you grow both personally and professionally — you will experience increased levels of inspiration, motivation, and the need to engage within the community.

Join today for only $37 a month (Limited time offer)

Build your confidence | Achieve your goals | Grow your network

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“The Hey Ed community is exactly what I need right now – it’s like having a business coach, but more casual and much more affordable, and I love the community aspect! More brains = more ideas.” – Current member 

Hey Ed is a business and tech support community where entrepreneurs can go to find answers to their questions and be pointed in the right direction. The best part is, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to join – that’s Ed’s job!

Who has time for frustrating tech issues?

Find the answers, tools, and resources you need to keep moving forward in your business!


  • A safe place to ask your questions – there are no “dumb questions” here
  • Discovering new tools and resources to help you in your business
  • Making new connections with people who actually “get it” and so much more!

Stop imagining and start relieving your stress today – Join Hey Ed today!


Membership benefits include

“Your customer service is on point. Your user experience is awesome. You’re transparent and authentic. These are all things I really appreciate. Additionally, I always get my questions answered and fast! Is the value worth the cost? ABSOLUTELY.” – Current member 

Tutorials. Community. Resources.

  • Access to Ed’s private collection of training and resources ranging from how to start a business, web design, how to use WordPress, social media tips, and more!
  • Behind the scenes with Ed and a look at how he works
  • A built-in network social network with a member directory
  • A PRIVATE Facebook Group where you can connect with other community members
  • Training with Ed
  • Daily reminders
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Special guest appearances (people who will pop into the community and share their knowledge)
  • Exclusive discounts on other services Ed has to offer including Stupid Easy membership for all you online course creators



What does it cost?

Currently, $37 a month but pricing will be going up soon.

Am I locked into anything?

Nope! This is a month to month membership which means you can Cancel Anytime. All I ask is that we have a conversation about why you want to cancel just so that I can see where my opportunities are – this is not to pressure you to stay. This is your space and you can stay as long as you like.

Who can join?

Anyone really! We accept all persons seeking to learn, educate others and find answers. This is a very positive, good vibe community that is very active and will lift you up! Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or are already a business owner you’re welcomed to join!

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Honestly, it’s pretty open. Most questions are centered around “How do I…” “Where do I find…” or “Does anyone know…” “Is anyone else experiencing this?” There is a wide range of questions that range from getting started in business to web design to social media marketing and everything in between.

If your question requires more personal attention then we can discuss what a private 1:1 consult session would look like.

Join today and lock in the low rate of $37 a month (Limited time offer)! That’s less than $1.25 a day – you can’t even get plain old coffee at Starbucks for that price.



I can vouch for inspiration, empowerment, and multiple tech solutions since joining the Hey Ed community!

Erin Miller

Everyone’s entertaining and brightens your day! And we all love hopping on Ed’s live videos! I love the group!

Carol Nissen

I absolutely love being part of your community and I am so glad I discovered you. Building this business up has been a long daunting process but I now feel positive for the future!

Chrissie Lowery



The membership fee will be going up for new members on June 1, 2018 so lock in your low price today!








Think about how much it would cost you to call tech support – on average $50-$75 an hour – or how much time it would take for you to search – not knowing what to search for or even where to begin –for something on your own. Now add that up for a whole month and what do you have? A very expensive and lengthy process – STOP holding yourself back!

All this for just $37 a month – Limited time offer!

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The program is a month-to-month membership which will be automatically renewed each month until you cancel. Cancel anytime before the next charge because all sales are final. *Trainings do not include unless otherwise stated, access to online courses. This membership does not replace 1:1 consults which may be needed on a case by case basis. 

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