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Business just got easier…

Do you find yourself searching for answers to questions you have around your business? Does the thought of tech overwhelm you? Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

Stop me if any of the following sounds familiar to you…


You have a simple tech question you’d like to ask someone who’s a bit more techie than you, but you don’t know who to turn to or how to even ask the question because you don’t know what the “thingy” is….


You’ve spent hours trying to search YouTube and Google, and you’re burnt out —  you’re sick and tired of all the time you just wasted and all the words that have gone way over your head…


You have your WordPress website up and running but you’d like to know how to make simple changes and quick updates on your own as they come up…


You’re struggling to keep up with the tech – you haven’t backed up your computer yet which scares the pants off of you – so you’re afraid to do anything else on your to-do list which is holding you back.

Who is Ed?

What people are saying…

Hey Ed was built with you in mind.

You may not know exactly what you need or even what to ask for and that’s ok – all you have to do is say “HEY ED” and I got you – Don’t let that stop you from joining the best support community online!

Hey Ed will help you

Find answers

Save yourself hours of frustration and find the answers you need when you need them all in one place.

Tech support

Eliminate the guesswork, learn something new, and finally understand how to make technology work for you.


Live and on-demand covering WordPress, Facebook, web design, building online courses, and much more!


Members have 24/7 access to the archives where video support tutorials, guides, and advice live forever – they’re not going anywhere.

Ed is more than just tech

He will help you get your whole life right

What makes Hey Ed different?


You get access to a resident techie who has over 10+ years experience in working with and alongside small businesses helping them get their tech life right! Plus, I use to work for Apple Retail where I was a sales Expert.


Peer support like no other! The Hey Ed community is there 24/7 to support you and answer all your questions and to provide you with any feedback you need. It’s a place where entrepreneurship doesn’t feel so lonely anymore.


My commitment is to always do my absolute best to provide the resources you need when you need them. I live and breathe this community and it means the world to me that you are even considering joining. The Hey Ed community is my number one priority and I’m very active in the community. I love helping members understand technology and achieve success in their business.

You will come for the tech support but you will stay for the community.


Anyone on the fence about Hey Ed: It is such an amazing, resourceful, supportive community.

Erin M.

I absolutely love being part of your community and I am so glad I discovered you. Building this business up has been a long daunting process but I now feel positive for the future!

Chrissie L.

Everyone’s entertaining and brightens your day! And we all love hopping on Ed’s live videos! I love the group!

Carol N.


What does it cost?

$97 per month which gives you access to tech support (a $75+/hr value) and business support ($100+/hr value) all month long – ask your questions and find your answers quickly. It also gives you access to the most supportive online community, especially for new entrepreneurs.

Still on the fence? Schedule a call or click on the little blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of this page to start a conversation with Ed.

How does it work?
  1. Sign up
  2. Fill out a short member intake form (after sign up)
  3. Browse the archives (previous training) and ask your question inside the community – easy right! Ed will then answer it. Fellow Edsters (members) can chime in providing additional support and insight
  4. 24/7 Support: Post your question any time — get a reply within minutes or just a few hours, depending on your specific question and time of day

Hey Ed is more than just tech support — it also offers guidance and support in areas of business, mindset and helping you move forward.

Am I locked into anything?

Nope! This is a month to month membership which means you can Cancel Anytime before your next charge. All I ask is that we have a conversation about why you want to cancel just so that I can see where my opportunities are – this is not to pressure you to stay. This is your space and you can stay as long as you like.

*Please note: Training does not always include unless otherwise stated, access to online courses. This membership does not replace 1:1 consults which may be needed on a case by case basis for more personal attention. 

Who can join?

Anyone really! We accept all persons seeking to learn, educate others and find answers. This is a very positive, good vibe community that is very active and will lift you up! Whether you are thinking about starting your own business or are already a business owner you’re welcomed to join!

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Honestly, it’s pretty open. Most questions are centered around “How do I…” “Where do I find…” or “Does anyone know…” “Is anyone else experiencing this?” There is a wide range of questions that range from getting started in business to web design to social media marketing and everything in between.

If your question requires more personal attention then we can discuss what a private 1:1 consult session would look like.

What training do you offer?

Training ranges from how to use WordPress so you can actually update your own website to how to effectively build your Facebook business page without paying for ads to digital marketing and so much more!

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