Let’s break down how Amazon has grown over the years, shall we!

First off, let me mention that with any business we have to always pause and reflect on the progress we’ve made because it’s not just about the day to day that defines us – it’s more the overtime that shows the world what our businesses are capable of.

Like I’m always saying, “Don’t worry about the sale today – instead, worry about growing the relationship over time. The numbers (the sales) will come when they’re ready.

Below is a graphic I made for you from the Forbes.com article, “How Jeff Bezos became the richest person in the world” that I read over the weekend. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


How Amazon has grown its business over the years


So, let me ask you, how does this make you feel having looked back on how Amazon started and thinking about where you’re at with your business?

Isn’t it amazing to see what is now considered a giant business, Amazon, and how they started off – built in a garage and with one very specific niche in mind, online bookseller. Let this be a good reminder to us all as we build our businesses, pick 1 thing to focus on!

Dream big! Plan it out. Connect the dots. But focus on the core, that very specific niche, as you built that out. Then once you build that and get some movement you can start connecting the next dot!

I will share with all of you my current example as it ties in directly to this.

After starting my monthly support membership program, Hey Ed, it was clear that was my main focus – that was my “online bookseller” if we were to compare directly to the Amazon example above.

Hey Ed is something I’ve been doing practically all my life – it’s just recently, February 2018, when I officially packaged it all together. As it continues to grow I can clearly connect the dots from everything I have worked on up to this point.

I am even able to determine now what is exclusive to members vs what I just share with the public. Using the Amazon example above, Hey Ed is like your Amazon Prime in a way. It provides so many benefits to small business owners for one low monthly fee. On top of that, Hey Ed members get tons of perks like discounts on other services.

You see, if I can make the connection with my business to Amazon and all of its glory, you surely can too! It all comes down to planning, getting organized, showing up, delivering, and engaging consistently.



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