Are you starting to use video more?

Do you ever wonder how you might be able to generate more leads through your videos by maybe adding a direct call to action (CTA) button on your videos?

In this episode, we share with you the 1 tool that we have been sitting on for some time now that will change how you generate new leads directly from your videos.

Looking for a how-to video tutorial on this tool?

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Unedited transcription

Are you using video in your business? If you’re not, I hope you will soon. And in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how you can add direct call to actions to a video so that you can start generating more leads from your marketing efforts. So stick around and let’s jump into it.

Hello, Hello everyone. Welcome to Ed talk TV conversations worth having. I’m your host Ed Troxell. And if you’re new to me, welcome. Be sure to say hello down below even if you’re watching the replay because I want to be able to connect with you in the comments.

On the show, we talked about business, we talked about tech and pretty much everything in between. We give little tips here and there and we do little tutorials. Just to help you out in your business. We go live pretty much every Wednesday at 2pm Pacific Standard Time, right here on Facebook and YouTube, you can always catch the replays on both networks, as well as on our website.

Now, today we’re going to talk about video. And more specifically, we’re going to talk about how you can add a direct call to action to your videos using a simple tool. Now, I’m going to give you more details on that in just a few minutes. First, though, before we get to all of that, we’re going to jump over to a quick branding update from Facebook.

So even if you’re not into Facebook and you’re trying to run from Facebook like we all are, we’re still connected and we still need to be, especially from a business standpoint, I know as much as you want to leave it, you can’t because it’s crucial to your business, which is why I talked about it all the time, having a business page. And that’s where I help you really make sure that you’re organically growing that page because you need to for your business sake. But today, we’re going to talk about what Facebook did recently, like this week, and kind of see what your thoughts are.

Now for those who are new. And we’ve kind of shifted over time with Ed talk TV in terms of the format when I first started it, we had made it into a show a full on show with random news topics, different stories we find throughout the day, funny, weird, just random ones, and then we go into the business talk. Now I want to know from you, if you want me to bring that format back. So I’ll start asking this more if I can remember and if you’re watching the replay, please let me know Just drop me a comment, especially if you’ve watched previous episodes where we used to do that when we went live five days a week.

Yes, that was fun. But let me know if you want me to bring back random news or if you have questions about that. All you have to do is put in a one for Yes. Or you can type out Yes, depending on how you want to go about that. Or two for no, or simply right now. There’s no judgment. I’m asking this is a poll. So one for Yes. Two for No. Do you want random news back? One? Yes to know. Now, let me go ahead and share my screen with you guys to show you what we are talking about today. So let me go ahead and get my screen going here. Always love using this fancy technology to show you guys what’s going on in the world of online business.

So Facebook, this is part of that random news. I was talking about Facebook introduce their new company brand It’s called them to the gun, Facebook, and they have changing colors of their logo. Now, what are your thoughts on that?

Even if you’re watching the replay, tell me what do you think about this? I’ll leave it to you. I’ll leave it to you. Now I will say because I was curious about the color and you might be too especially if you’re listening and you’re not able to see what’s on my screen. I will say I was curious about the color and they talked about how people should know which companies make the products they use.

Our main services include the Facebook app, messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, workplace, portal, and co Libra. Now, that’s a lot you maybe didn’t even know that Facebook owns all of those, but that’s what they have. And so what they did was they took the color of each of the programs that apps and they combine them into the flashing colors that you’re seeing in their new brain. ending. So I don’t know, you tell me, does it work for you? Doesn’t not.

We’ll leave it at that. And then I’ll follow up with you with my two cents a later. So that that’s what Facebook has going on. Now how many of you are using video right now in your business? Let me know down below, even if you’re watching the replay, how many of you are using video in your business?

And if you’re not, tell me why. Why are you not using video? Is it because you don’t have the right tools? Is it because you don’t want to be on camera? Maybe you just don’t know what to say or what to film. Like, just give me a little something that I can work with to help you out. Because video is where your business needs to be at and if it’s not there, we need to get you there.

Now the tool that I’m about to share with you for those who are using video because if you’re not using video then you can kind of disregard this part. Put down the notepad for somebody later. But for those who are using video, how are you currently having? posting your call to actions? In terms of?

Are you asking for the sale during the video? Do you just post the action item in the comments? Are you putting it in the actual post itself? Like, where does that call to action come from? Really think about that when you’re building out your videos, and when you’re posting them, because what happens is we get into this, I just got to post something mode.

And so we post things, myself included, and we forget to add the call to action. And so when it comes to video, we need to make sure that we’re making that a point to put that call to action wherever we can, whether that’s in the post in the comments and in the video, just like I’ll show you right here on my screen. I will put a call to action for late tech support plus business coaching. Hey Ed network. com. There it is. There There is one way you can do it utilizing tools that you have available now with live broadcasting, just like I’m doing right here. Now, you may not have this tool and that’s okay. But I wanted to show you that there’s options for you to put it directly on there.

You can also get a styrofoam board or your whiteboard and you can write it on top. You can ask questions, my other my whiteboards full so I don’t want to bring that up. But you can ask questions, do polls, put a direct call to action? Call me for XYZ, join my XYZ add yourself to the mailing list for a free XYZ like whatever you want, you can make that happen. You don’t have to have anything fancy in terms of tools.

You have pen you have paper You have the live streaming option which is free from your device. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. Now, the tool that I’m about to tell you is one that will allow you to take it another step further, easily, because it it does sound techie, but it’s not, it’s very easy. And the tool allows you to then put a direct call to action on your video, meaning after this broadcast, I could make this video have an actual button that says call me and you click on it when you’re watching it, and it will actually dial my number. Or I could put in an email me option and when you click on it, it opens up your email, and you can just send me a direct email. Like, that’s how interactive this tool is. So you’re probably wondering, what is this tool Ed?

Well, the tool is called tag TAGG.

Now tagg allows you to easily upload your video and add a call to action within a matter of minutes. And if you want to see an actual tutorial training on how to do that just joined the head network. And we have an actual tutorial from the company themselves. They were a guest expert inside the network, sharing with us how to utilize this tool and going through those steps with how to use it and how it can be beneficial for your business and creating new leads as well as generating more sales. Because at the end of the day, we’re business owners, right? That’s what we want is to be able to not only get new leads, but we want to be able to generate more sales.

How do we do that? We do that through video, and how do we take it to the next level and be on the cutting edge. We add calls to actions to our videos any way we can. But if we have tools like tag available, we might as well use them so that we can take it to the next level. Plus, all your other small business owners will be fellow small business owner friends will be jealous of you. Because they’ll be like, Wait, how did? How did they do that?

Where did they learn this stuff? I thought I thought they didn’t know how to do tech. And then that’s when you say, Hey, Ed, talk TV. Hey, Ed, he’s the guy. He’s the guy you want to talk to. So really utilize that tool and test it out. Let me know what you think. Follow up with me. Let me know your thoughts. And again, I want to know, are you using video in your business?

If you’re not telling me why Just give me one reason. So then that way I can help guide you to that next level. So I hope that you enjoyed this broadcast. Hopefully, I’ll see you inside the hand network soon. And I will see you back here next Wednesday at 2pm Pacific Standard Time. Until next time, take care.


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