If you are a podcaster or are looking into starting a podcast or even just wanting to be a guest on a podcast you need to listen to this episode from Kim Doyal. Kim features me as well as many other online experts, content creators, who share their tips and advice around podcasting and you becoming a guest.

Tell me, what are your takeaways? 


Here are just a few of the tips I shared for how you can be a great podcast guest…

  1. Guests should do their research and listen to a couple of episodes prior to pitchingEd-Troxell
  2. How to maximize your episode reach and attract new followers: Guests should immediately schedule out 3 -5 promo posts once they know when their episode is going to be released. They should then make sure and schedule a repeat of these promo posts within the first few weeks of publishing. Then again a month later.
  3. Guests should take their episode and not only promote it via a link but break it into valuable content that one could share across social media channels (photos, text on photos, stories, live broadcasts, audio clips, etc.). This is a win-win for everyone!


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