Do you struggle to come up with video ideas that ACTUALLY get you views?

Today we want to share one video idea that you can create using your phone that is sure to get attention for your business.

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Transcription for How to come up with video ideas that get views part 1

I’m going to do a real quick recap, because that was so bad. I’m sorry, how to come up with video ideas to get more views part one on today’s episode, if you are struggling with creating video ideas and being able to actually record videos that get you more views, we want to share with you one idea that you can write.

Today for your business. First off, if you are watching us or even listening to us, uh, make sure to subscribe, like comment, share, you know, do all that fun. Welcome. My name is ed trucks. I’m a video coach and I help real estate agents and solopreneurs use their phone to create video content that gets them noticed here online with my lovely co-host.

Amanda. Amanda, tell him. Yeah. So I’m a, like I said, director of client care and at closer pros. So I help real estate agents create that repeat and referral business. So continuously getting, you know, clients from who’ve already leveraged them in the past, like past clients, fear of influence stuff like.

Yes. So if you need support, reach out to either one of us, we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you and get you pointed in the right direction. One idea that you can do today for your business, and that is interviewing a local business owner or professional here online, and being able to share that interview out on social and throughout your email lists before the interview, you want to make sure that you arrange it in a.

Daytime location. Yep. You want to know your topic? You want to have three talking points. You want to have a, what I mean? Oh, gosh, and tell people to comment, like share, follow you, whatever it is that you want be specific and get it in that video throughout if possible, not just at the end, sprinkle it. And often you want to share your outline with the other person, just so that they have an idea of what you’re going to be talking about, what to cover.

So they feel comfortable before you actually have. Then you’re going to have the interview. You already have all the information outlined and everything. Then after the interview, you’re going to thank them for their time. You’re going to share the interview with them. You’re going to also provide some extra credit

that could help them with posting on social. If you want your hashtags, if you have. Yes, that’s a big one. We didn’t talk about that, but yes, if you have a specific hashtag ask them to share that because that’s going to be huge and then that’s searchable on the platforms. Absolutely. As much as you can provide everything on a silver or gold platter for them, because that makes their life so much easier.

Because again, they’re busy just as much as you are, and if you really want to work with them and have that interview and get on their platforms, you got to try to have as much out of the way as possible. And then, um, after the interview, after you thank them for their time set up a follow-up time. So that way you can not only reshare that episode, but also.

More importantly, be able to have a conversation with them. How’s business going what’s new, what’s changed and then be able to. Talk a little bit about how they can reshare that episode in their network as well in the benefits of that. Uh, so join us next week for part two of this, where we’ll be talking about coming up with video content ideas for your business.

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to have a conversation with you and be able to point you in the right direction, no matter where you’re starting at today. And before we dive into all of that, we’re just going to do over real quick recap. Cause that was so bad. I’m sorry.

We’re just going to recap it. Take four.

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