Find out what one company is giving customers that they can’t buy on Amazon and how you can apply it to your business.

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how to get customers to buy your product that’s what we’re gonna talk about on today’s show and we’re going to showcase a company that is helping us look at how you can get customers to buy something from you that they can’t buy on Amazon so let’s jump in to today’s content

hello hello everyone welcome to Ed Talk TV conversations worth having I’m your host Ed Troxel and I am your digital marketer I make everything easy for you to market your business here online without having to pay for ads so if this is your first time joining be sure to say hello even if you’re watching the replay typically I go live on the show here on Wednesdays today is Friday but you know what it’s good this was a good story I wanted to share it with all of you because one of my editors who is an editor and editor is ahead network member and they shared with me this story so we’re gonna look at this company we’ve talked about them a lot here on the show over time and we’re gonna talk about what they’re doing to get people to buy from them versus on Amazon so does that spark your interest huh let me know let me know

share your thoughts below and this

episode it’s a little rough because it’s Friday and it’s not our normal one so you know bear with me it’s all good I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen with you guys so I’ll be looking down a little bit just so you guys know but I wanted to showcase this company because this article is really good and we’re going to break this article down so that you can take some of these bullet points that I’m gonna go over and apply them to your business so on my screen you should be able to see I’m gonna get this all fancy here there you go you should be able to see and if you’re listening to the audio version of this no worries I’ll be pointing this out but here on my screen I have Toys R Us who remembers Toys R Us let me know down below

we’ve heard about them in the news we’ve talked about them here on the show many many times we’ve even had a group panel discussion about Toys R Us Thank You Rhonda for welcoming back home I’m so excited to be back and safe and sound so Toys R Us is big it’s been in the news a lot because the bankruptcy and we’ve talked about different episodes if you want to see those episodes just let me know down below and I will be sure to get you those links because they’re good and we even had a panel myself and actually two of my editors where we talked about what Toys R Us could have done differently and and I think they listened to us I really do it I think they’ve been following the show you know they’re not really gonna admit it but I think they have because they picked up some good tips and we’re gonna talk about that so what Toys R Us is doing is they are bringing them back

Toys R Us for us and it’s gonna be different but they’re bringing it back and I want to kind of go through this article here from CNN business because there’s some really great points that they talk about and if you want the link just let me know below and I’ll share it with you even if you’re watching the replay.

few things so right here this is gonna

be key and I’m gonna read it to you especially because I know a lot of you will be listening to the audio version of this so it says quote we know that customers love shopping as a means of entertainment that something built into the DNA of human beings Richard Berry president and CEO of Toys R Us parent company true kids told CNN business he goes on to say we also know kids and families are looking for things to do on the weekends and when school’s out we know parents and families really value play and the value of toys overall as we thought about the strategy we’ve wanted to put all thing these things together now understand that there is so much to unpack there and we’re not gonna spend a ton of time because I have limited time today because I have a call with the editors we do that every week which you have time to join us if you’d like but let’s break this down really quickly any Deepa thank you so much so glad to see you and thank you for

welcoming back so let’s break this down real quick he talks about knowing the customer right we talked about that all the time if you’re in business you need to know your customer at the very very least you should know normal human behaviors rights common behaviors we like to shop we like going to the store we may not like the experience of that specific store or the experience of getting from point A to point B but if you can provide a good experience we definitely would like to go we just do we’d like to go out in the in the fresh air we like to go out to the malls if we can if they’re worth it not necessarily because there’s some not necessarily just in general so there has to be a good experience they also talked about we also know kids and families that’s their target market are looking for things to do on the weekends and when school’s out again they know exactly what their customers who their customers are and what they’re trying to do trust me this applies to all of your businesses when it comes to when work is out orschool is out and when it comes to the weekends right let me know even if you’re watching the replay then I want to come down here to a few other things that they talk about let me get back to

yes it’s here they just going to quickly scroll through here they talked about how they’re changing up the store they’re gonna be more quote interactive spaces where kids and parents can play with toys again Interactive you can’t buy that on Amazon that’s the cool thing that they talk about is basically being able to let me see if I have the quote here on my other notes give customers something that they can’t buy on Amazon which is an experience and interactive play literally you get to come here have this amazing experience and interact with your kids and with the toys not just virtual with video games and such so really think about that let me see if I have the other spot that I was looking at here they this is a big one for you guys if you’re watching you can see it highlighted on the screen if not I will

just say it for those watch listening to the audio Toys R Us website will also showcase fewer toys let me back up their website will showcase fewer toys but they will give more details on them they’re looking to purchase items that will be redirected through Target so they have a partnership with target’s website and target will help with the inventory and fulfillment so let’s unpack that real quick they are talking about a website with less is more we always talk about that less is more to offer and then they’re gonna go in deeper with the information so they’re provided more details we hear about that all the time less is more and if you can

dive deeper into that niche that you’re you’re trying to target right the other thing that they talk about here is partnership with target so there we talk about this all the time on the show teamwork equals success how can you partner with that can help you get to where you want to be and how can you help them get to where they need to be so really think about that as you go into the weekend and if you’re watching this later and down the line just keep that in mind as well they also talked about how they’re going to have a huge tree house in the middle of the store that kids will be able to

climb into and and it will be an event

space for movies in the store

we have great brand will have great

brands in the store that’s from Barry as

well so they talk about all these

different things let’s see this one says

the ticketed attraction costs twenty

dollars for children ages 4 to 12 and 28

for adults

it features toy themed play areas for

small children who the company hopes

will bug their parents to buy them

merchandise associated with the fun zone

they just finished exploring you see

what they’re doing they’re tapping into

our senses they’re tapping into us being

interactive getting to touch feel and

maybe smell and be able to really engage

with the product and then want it and

not leave without it so that makes sense

we see this with Apple if you go to an

Apple store same idea

they’re trying not to have anything tied

down to the tables you can pick up the

phone you can feel it you can you can

look at it you can play with it all

those types of things so really

understand that there is something to be

said for that and and for many of you

you might have an online business that’s


maybe you don’t have that retail store

where people can do that it’s ok you can

still get creative with your products

and being able to get that experience

out there for others to want to buy from

you and if you need help you need to

reach out to me and I’ll help you out

with that

so anyway that that’s like the bulk of


we’ve they’re basically going to do some

pop-ups which will be good for the

holiday time

this one is kids as much as anything are

digital consumers now there’s a couple

quotes that I was pulling from there

let’s see yeah so if you want the link

to this article I’ll share it with you

in the comments but I just really wanted

to point that out and again it’s really

knowing about your your customer and

really being able to fine tune what it

is you’re doing and less is more so

really take a look at

what you’re doing and how can you break

things down and go through that so I

hope that this was helpful and that you

guys all go into the weekend ready to go

and having a fantastic Friday afternoon

or evening or morning depending where

you’re watching me from and like I said

I cannot wait to get back in the swing

of things for the schedule here if you

need anything or you want to jump over

onto the head call which is going to be

happening here at 4 o’clock Pacific

Standard Time you can head over to head


sign up and you will be an official


and then you get to have access to me

all the time lucky you and get your and

questions answered as well as hang out

with us on our weekly call so go out

there have a great weekend and I will

see you guys next week and I look

forward to showing up on Wednesday at 2

p.m. Pacific Standard Time right here on

the page take care

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