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It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been sharing amazing content on the Facebook page which is great and all but it doesn’t always make it back here on the blog. On top of that, these days, with the Facebook algorithm, many of our fans/friends/audience never get to see our posts so I thought, “how can I make this better?

Of course, I don’t have any control over Facebook although I wish they would hire me to come in and help them out with providing a better users experience – Facebook, you got my number so call me. So then I thought to myself, “What do I have control over?

I should mention all of these thoughts came to me when I was writing my free, weekly newsletter last week (join here) and that’s when this idea came to me – “Why don’t I make a weekly roundup of my Facebook page posts?”

Think about it, I post on the Facebook page to share out content there in hopes Facebook will actually show it to my audience (hoping for likes, comments, and shares) and in addition to that, I add it back here to my website as a blog post to help me out with Google – getting found in searches given SEO – it’s perfect!

So many of us (myself included) will type out and share these amazing Facebook posts on our business pages because it’s easier than trying to create a blog post on our websites, totally forgetting about our main goal…driving traffic to our website.

You see, as the business owner we know the main goal is to drive traffic back to our websites but in the moment our main goal is to quickly and easily share content. Facebook (social media in general) has made it so easy for us to share that we often times forget about our blog – many of you reading this might not even have a blog and only post on Facebook. Let me know in the comments if this is true for you or not as I’m curious.

The problem with forgetting about our blog is we’re giving our best content away for free on Facebook and helping them keep users on their website.

Now, I am not saying boycott Facebook or anything. I am simply pointing out the fact that we need to remind ourselves of our game plan.

The solution (the game plan) is ideally to create content on our websites and push out to the world through social media. The alternative to this is what I’m doing right now in this post which is taking what we only share on Facebook and putting it back on our websites.

Ex. As you can see throughout this blog post, I have taken some of the most recent posts from my Facebook business page and “embedded” them from Facebook into my blog post here (I show you the how-to steps below my posts so keep scrolling down)

How to embed your Facebook business page posts

Step 1: Find the post you want to embed and click on the “…” in the upper right corner of that post and click on “Embed”

How to embed a Facebook post

Step 2: Double-click on the “<iframe…” text (double clicking allows you to select all) and copy that text

Step 3: Create a new blog post – if using WordPress, once logged in, you can head to the top and click on “+ New” and select “post”

WordPress create a new blog post

Step 4: Give your blog post a title and then add any additional text/images you like to your blog post (like you saw me do here). Then when you’re ready to paste that embed code just click on “Text”

creating a new blog post and adding embed code

Step 5: Paste your code. To see a visual of it click on the “visual” tab to the left of your “text” tab as featured in the image above.

adding embed code

Step 6: Once you have your blog post all set click on preview to make sure it looks good and then hit publish or schedule for a later date.

That’s how to get your Facebook business page posts seen!

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