How To Let Go Of Your Fear of The Spotlight with Ed Troxell Transcription

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Hello everyone. And welcome. My name is Jennifer Rizzio. I am the founder of soul language and the business of soul. And this is asked and answered by soul. This podcast is dedicated to purview, providing you with tangible tools to embody your divinity and create a life based on freedom. Each podcast is focused on a topic that will guide you to listing and utilizing your essential nature.

During each show, I ask an expert three key questions, so you can understand that you’re not alone on this journey and your soul is the key to, for me, a life full of abundance, purpose and passion. The goal of each interview is for you to take away a practice that you can do right now to change your life and understand what assistance is out there in the universe to support you.

And today I’m with Ed Troxell. God, I hope I said that right at. Did I say it right? Yes, you did. Yes. Well done. Yay. We’re talking about how to let go of your fear of the spotlight. Let me tell you a little bit about Ed. He’s a video coach and online marketing consultant, teaching busy professionals. How to drive more business with video.

Without the complicated tech or overwhelm of traditional video production as a former Apple Inc employee at B brings a unique skill to set to the table from sales, marketing strategy systems and processes to teaching the importance of video and really simplifying today’s technology so that you can stand out as the industry expert online.

Hello? Hello. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I am so excited for you to be here. And I always ask this first question, which is what has your soul or your essential nature share with you throughout your journey? Um, to keep an open mind, to really be aware of what’s going on and to constantly look at.

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So really just tapping into that awareness and seeing what you’ve done and where your. I love that. I think that’s really important. I think so often, you know, we tend to focus on all of the missteps and mishaps and we don’t really focus on, uh, as I like my new favorite question to ask myself is how am I doing things?

Right. Right. And I think we get more out of the goodness than we get out of the mistakes. And. We have to look at our mistakes so we don’t keep making them. But I think it’s really important that you like give yourself credit. So I love that. Yes. It’s so important to give yourself credit. And I love that question that you asked yourself.

I just wrote that down myself. Uh, not that I have a fear of the spotlight or anything, but, uh, you know, listen, I like the spotlight it’s in my soul’s calling, but I also had to define what spotlight meant for me. And we were talking on the phone and I don’t mind doing video, but sometimes I’m like, oh, I got to put the camera up and set it up.

And the lights and. I’m just so low maintenance sometimes that I’m like, oh, but you’re like, take your phone. I’m like, duh. So why do you think people. Avoid the spotlight, like what are their main concerns besides the tech, like what’s going on and why are they not doing more videos? Oh, such a great question.

I love how you opened that too, because the low key is what I’m all about is really being able to use what you have, which in this case is our phones. The phones are amazing these days and the quality that the cameras produce are just, I mean, we have. Apple creating commercials with their phones. That’s great.

We can see that they are more than just what we used to think of when we had smartphones with just a really crappy camera. And so that’s one of the things is that most people get hung up on the tech and feel like they need to have all the bells and whistles, which already that’s overwhelming and expensive.

Then we go into the fact that. We have to do our hair, our makeup. We have to have the right clothes on. We have to make sure our backgrounds all set and, and no interruptions. I mean, the list goes on and. It’s one of those things where majority of people will have their default be. I don’t have time. And that I say that’s an excuse, um, in the politest way possible, because that’s our natural reaction to not wanting to be on camera.

But then when we actually take a look at. What the real reason is behind it. It’s deeper than time. Like we can make the time for it. And in fact, I guarantee everyone listening to this, I guarantee I can find you time to. Yeah. If you’re wasting a lot of time doing those things that aren’t really being sustainable or expensive.

Yes, exactly. And so time and mindset, that’s the big one. And that’s what I always start with clients is the mindset part, because that’s the real equipment that you have to work on, not necessarily your mic and your lights and all the other stuff. I love it. I, you know, talking to you, you know, my background is for, is a former PR uh, public relations expert.

And, um, I’m remembering this, this woman we were promoting and she did local TV. And, uh, I remember getting the tape back and went, what the heck happened to her hair. It was like a giant talking. Hairdo. Like, I don’t know what happened, but like, like, uh, I don’t know if she drove to the studio with her head in like outside the window, but you couldn’t listen to a thing that she was saying because she had this like giant cockatoo of hair on her head.

And I think that for me, as long as I’m not doing the giant cockatoo, I am totally sucks. Yes. And that’s the thing is being able to understand you and your environment and knowing that there are certain things that you personally require to have. Like, I know one of my clients, the only thing that she really, really needs to feel good on camera.

Lighting and lipstick are, um, is it it’s lipstick, lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss. That’s it. And then she’s good to go. Um, you know, for me, I usually like to have just a nice t-shirt cause I’m usually filming the waist up and I’m not always in a polo, but sometimes I will be, especially if it’s for, uh, you know, more, uh, business-like interview style, but I’m not going to show up with, uh, I mean, I’ve probably worn a suit maybe once or twice my entire life.

Like that’s just not my style. I’m the, the cool tech guy who. Just shows up and mix things happen like that. That’s and has fun, like allows you to have fun. That’s that’s my vibe. I love that. You know? And that’s the whole thing. You also, you want to stay on brand. I think so often people feel the spotlight because they’re like, they’re in that, not enough of, oh my God, I should be this.

And I should be that. And you just have to stay on your brand. And if you don’t know where your brand is, let’s create. You know, it doesn’t have to be that something out of integrity, right? Like let’s create the brand that works for you. And then you know how to stick to it. Your brand is a t-shirt or a polo.

Right? My brand sometimes is what I call hobo chic, which is. I did a whole thing during the, the, um, pandemic about hobo chic. I had this favorite sweater. I wrapped it around not a giant hole that nobody could see, but I knew it was there. And my boyfriend kept going, uh, can we get rid of this sweater? I was like, no, I finally threw it away.

I’m like, no, I love my sweater. And I would chest hair crazy. Take my camera because that’s my brand I’m consciously transparent. Right? So you see me in all phases of my life. You see me exactly the way my next door neighbor sees me or my friend sees me. Right. Um, and I think that’s really important. I think so often people are free to be seen.

You have to like set the intention that people already want to love you. And your job is just to show them more of you. Yes. And that’s so important because when, if I met you in person and I was, we were walking down the street, maybe up at the coffee shop and I’m expecting to see who I saw online in person.

And there’s a difference there, like a big difference. That’s going to throw me off and that’s going to create a trust issue as well. So we have to remember, like, we have to. Keep that appearance in mind. I don’t want you to be an Instagram picture. Perfect. Lifestyle on mine. And then, yeah. And then in person, you, you look totally different like, cause then that just has that disconnect and we don’t want that for our audience.

So really keep that in mind. Not, not specifically you, but our audiences keep that in mind with what you’re putting out there is that you don’t have to be perfect. That’s the beauty of the world we live in right now. And the technology that we have, and that’s what makes you stand out and be more relatable and allow people to get to know like, and trust you personally because that’s what they’re going to invest in.

Okay. Love that. Move that. When we think about, uh, talking right ’cause then, then we’re okay. We’re in our image. Then we have to talk. And this is where people really freak out. So how do we feel more comfortable about talking into that little blinking? I’m sorry, but I’m remembering, I think it was, uh, What was the littlest Brady, the girl’s name, Cindy Brady, who the blinking light went on and she’s like, I can’t speak, but why, how do we not become a Cindy Brady when we hit that record button?

My button. Yes. So good. This is probably going to ruffle some feathers for people, but go unscripted. And I’ll break that down in a second, but go unscripted. You know what happens a lot of the time. We want again, everything to be perfect. We don’t want to say the wrong thing. We want to make sure that we sound intelligent and that everything comes off just perfect, but that’s not reality.

And we’re not a Google doc. That’s perfectly typed and has been edited 500 times by everyone. And there’s no flaws. Like that’s just not us. And so. When I say unscripted, what I mean by that is, is if for you scripting everything out is what’s going to work to get you started, do that, make that your draft.

But I want you to know that that’s not what you’re actually going to deliver when you go live. And when I say live, I mean, re hit that record button or hit that go live button. When you get on camera and you start to hit that, go record. You will just need to know one topic that you’re going to cover.

And up to three talking points. Now you can have more, you can do more, but that’s all that’s required of you. And when you do that, you will allow yourself. To come across more naturally, you won’t be reading word for word and it won’t look like you’re reading word for word, and you won’t be a robot. Like that’s the thing.

When, when we script things out and we read from our scripts, you’re still not allowing that room for your personality show through. And I will tell you right now, especially it’s your time to shine. This is the time where you get to go on camera, be as quirky, as unique as professional, whatever your vibe is as you want.

And you will attract the right people and you will repel the right people and you have to be okay with that and know that ahead of time before you ever get on cameras. Get the topic that you want to cover because you’re the expert in it. You already know it. And then pick three talking points that you want to cover in that video.

Now I say three, because typically that’s enough for you to get started and keep rolling. Sometimes you might only get to point number two. Because you have co you have engagement happening, or you just were limited on time, whatever the case may be. But if you have three, it covers you and then it helps you feel more comfortable.

And it provides that confidence when you get on. Yeah, I, and listen, if you go off and it’s your brand great. If you’re going off and it’s leads to no where then not only have that kind of check points of those three, but spend a little time, you know, backing and forthing with some. Right. I love a interview style, you know, but I can go live when it’s just me talking about me the other day, I did an interview and I was like, wait, it’s just me talking.

Nobody told me. Right. And I carried it off, but I was like, oh right. I felt like a little unprepared. Yep. Even though I can talk all the time about anything, you know, it’s, you really want to kind of set your stage, right? You want to make sure that you are equipped knowing. So you feel a sense of deep sense of security, because there are other things that you’re not going to feel secure about.

Right. So, you know, Treated a little like a green room, right? Do a little special thing for yourself. If you want the green m&ms and people who’ve been in the industry will get that. If you want the green M and Ms. And put the green m&ms right. Make yourself a star. And I think it’s so important. I think video comes across of really who you are and people get a deeper sense energetically of who, of who they might be interacting with.

So I have another question for you. What has been the big question you’ve been asking yourself lately? Ooh, that’s a good question. Wow. Uh, for me. I guess it’s figuring out if this is the right season for promoting the, what I call the video positivity movement. And basically that’s just allowing us to get comfortable with ourselves.

Um, so it, it, it, it’s a thing it’s out there now. Um, but. I had been questioning a lot, like, is this the time? Because you know, like we said, video is very scary and can be scary. And, uh, there’s a lot of barriers that can hold us back. And given the pandemic with everyone, being able to start showing up a little bit more, even just with zoom and forcing them to be on camera has helped.

And so being able to let this out in the open. To help support people and being able to engage on other people’s posts that I come across, where they are using video and being able to let them know that I’m grateful for them showing up as themselves and being on video and being part of this movement, which they didn’t even know about existed.

Right. It’s really just to help promote that positive image of us being on camera because. We do matter and we, our message should be heard and our people are out there. Our audience is waiting for us to show up. They’re waiting for us to deliver our information, our expertise, and they’re ready to engage.

We just have to do the work. And that sometimes is the hardest part showing them. Prudential knows the importance of having a rock in your life. Everyone needs a rock. A rock can help you turn the farfetched into within reach. When you have one, you can meet your potential, your dreams, your goals, and when it comes to your financial goals, Prudential is the rock you can rely on with our knowledgeable financial professionals.

We can help you get to new Heights plan. Invest in shore retire. Visit prudential.com Uzi override. Newark New Jersey. I think that he has a great time and, uh, remind me, cause I wanted to introduce you to someone who I know would love the movement and we’ll do that after the call. Awesome. Um, you know, I think it’s important, you know, because what you’re right now is great because what you’re competing against right now is the old, Hey, get ready for summer.

Right. Get your beach body back. Uh, oh, annoying. Is that right? So I think this would be an amazing time to do that. So my, uh, my vote is yes. I appreciate that. Thank you. Yes. Yeah. It’s, it’s all the things that we have to, uh, you know, think about and work on for ourselves. And that’s really, as we talked about in the beginning, that’s really.

What drove me to where we’re at. You know, we talked about the, um, the beginning part of thinking back to the pieces or the parts that have made us to where we’re at, and we’re what we’re looking at moving forward. And right before the pandemic is actually when I decided to do the video coaching full time, because that’s not where I started, but before.

I was implementing that in my business. And because I was standing out for others, it became more of a conversation and the signs kept pointing me in that direction. And so that’s why I say to really try to be having, have an open mind and be aware of what’s happening and what’s going on around you, whether you think in the moment that it’s a detour or not, and make note of it because you never know where it’s going to lead you.

In this case, it’s, it’s led me down this path that is so rewarding and it’s so powerful to see someone who was afraid of being on camera myself, included by the way, and see them show up and not only show up. But show up with a smile and show up often and be able to share their, their fun side, their, their professional side.

I mean, I have one real estate client who never wanted to be on camera. It was so, so hard. Okay. She not only is on camera, but she’s also creating Tik TOK videos and just allowing herself to be her, which is amazing. So it, it does wonders and I call that, that part of it is called the video effect is what happens after you start showing up on video and sharing that out to the world.

I love that. So how can, before I ask my last question, how can people get in touch? Yeah, please. Anytime you can, uh, head over to my website EdTroxell.com. It’s just my first and last name and send me a message. I have a video option on there for you to talk to me, use it, like ask me your questions. Let me point you in the right direction.

Uh, there doesn’t have to be a sale involved. It’s literally a conversation to help guide you in the right direction for your video. I love that. So my last question is if you were a magnet on whatever you call your higher powers refrigerator, what would your magnet say? I would probably say, why not? Yeah, why not?

Um, I, and it’s actually going to be, uh, it could be spelled differently. So I have actually a term that I coined, which is why nodder, and it’s why. And O T T E R. And that’s what I described us as entrepreneurs, as business owners. And so that’s kind of the driver behind everything is why not, why not try it and see what happens.

Amazing. Well, thank you so much for today. Thank you. I appreciate. Okay, everyone, you’ve been lifting to ask an answered by soul I’m Jennifer RCO, the ask and answered by soul podcast is dedicated to helping you understand that your soul is the answer. If you’re interested in learning more about the answers of your soul, you can secure your fees.

Free, sacred practice tool at soul language dot U S forward slash sacred practice. Please feel free to share this podcast with your community. Leave a comment, write a review, or contact me directly. But most importantly, reach out to these amazing guests because you won’t be. Sorry. Thanks everyone. And bye for now.

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