On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a Real Estate event, Tom Ferry’s Roadmap Tour in San Jose, California (about 2.5 hour drive south of me). 

Now, the before and after the event wasn’t glorious – up at 3:30 am (excitement and worried about traffic and being late), traffic, and sitting for 2.5 hours – but it was worth it.

Tom’s 1-day event was so good (more to come once I’ve had more time to review my 11 pages of notes lol)!

A few things I wanted to point out though:

  1. Whether you’re an agent or a business owner, the same basic business fundamentals apply. A few I’ll mention is, goal setting, systems, processes, routines, and a winning mindset – oh, and you should be reading more/keep learning as it keeps you sharp.
  2. If you want to stand out and strike up conversations you have to be willing to put yourself out there (this is hard I know, trust me, I almost backed out at the last minute regarding what I’m about to share with you).
    For example, record your videos (no, I mean yes, but that is not the example for this moment but I had to throw it in there lol). I knew my ideal clients would be at this event and I also knew that Tom Ferry preaches video to his agents. I also knew that my introverted self could potentially hold me back from talking to people while at the event so…


    So I did something crazy and made a T-shirt. 😳

    Of course, in the moment and while at home this is a great idea (and the back says, #AskMeAboutVideo) but thinking about actually wearing this to the event with other professionals probably dressed to impress is a bit risky no?

    That being said I took the risk and it paid off! 🙌

    Right away people noticed me (I mean, it’s a bit hard not to right? lol) and while waiting in line to meet Tom Ferry this happened…

    Tom was with someone else and saw my shirt, paused, pointed to it, and with a big smile on his face said, “love that shirt!”

    Tom Ferry Roadmap Tour for Top Real Estate Agents

    And Tom wasn’t the only one who said something (I’ll have to share another story in another email because you are already rolling your eyes at me given this one is too long, I know, I see you).

  3. Make a freaking decision. I stayed for the lunch sales pitch and it was great! The main takeaway was this, make a decision – it’s either a simple yes or no, not a maybe. You either want to change your situation and are willing to commit to doing something different or you don’t – and there’s nothing wrong with either one, you simply need to make a decision so you can move on.The same can be said for your videos (Yes, that thing you know you should be doing but haven’t yet) – you either are committed to learning how to get started with video and using it in your marketing to bring in more business OR you’re not – whatever you decide is fine with me. 

    I’m simply here to help guide you & make your life easier. 

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