Who buys their Instagram followers?

Turns out a lot of people do. I came across this article on Quora asking “What are the top 3 Instagram Bots that automatically like hashtags you choose?” I had to put my two cents in and answer the question as there are too many people out there thinking this is ok.

First off, you know anytime you automate something you are asking for trouble. Automation sounds great but in the end it can create more problems then it’s worth- especially when it comes to Social Media. For anyone trying to pawn off their work and pay for services that have bots do it for you, here is your answer:

“In real life do you pay for your friends to hang out with you? Hopefully not. So why would you pay for your online friends for Social Media? Bottom line, don’t pay for followers. Write quality content and provide value for people so they will want to come back on their own. People will come! It’s not easy. It takes time but the reward is you will know the increase in followers came from your hard work, not your wallet. That my friend is a job well done! ? “

Be the resource others seek out! Remember, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have if none of them are engaging and buying from you. If you are still trying to decide on picking an Instagram name check out “Picking an Instagram Name.”

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