Why your Instagram posts can hurt your business.

I just met with a client who is building up their fitness business and has been researching Instagram to see how people in the fitness industry are using it. Here’s what they found:

“You know what frustrates me Ed is that I follow people who are supposed to lead healthy lifestyles and cook using healthy recipes yet the majority of their feed is junk food. I’ve had to start unfollowing people because I’m tired of it!”

I wanted to share this story because it is becoming more of an issue even for me on Instagram. People claiming to be one thing (healthy recipes or Instagram Experts) and posting the complete opposite (rice Krispy treats with Oreos or random photos of provocative women). It throws viewers and followers off. Your Instagram feed needs to be consistent with your name and what you are wanting people to know about what it is you offer. Before you post something pause and think, “Is this consistent with the rest of my Instagram feed?” I ask myself this question every time I post something (I admit it’s hard and sometimes you just really want to post that funny baby dancing in the hallway). However, if you are using Instagram for business and want to be successful post with caution and keep your branding consistent.


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