While out at dinner with my good friend Roseanne the topic: know your self worth and the importance of why you don’t do free came up. We talked about the value each of us provide and the reasoning why we shouldn’t offer free. A lot of the times, especially when starting a business, free sounds good!

By doing free you don’t have to worry about what you should charge. If you don’t do free you have to ask yourself, are my prices too high? Are they too low? To answer these questions you need to know what your time is worth. Research and evaluate what it is that you do. What is the value you can provide others? Pricing is key! You want people to take you seriously. Yes, at times you will do free because it is the right thing to do. Remember, you always want to give back.

For all those other times you need to charge for your services. Be confident in yourself and the work you do! Below are a few key points from the scope:

  • I value myself.
  • I value my services.
  • There’s going to be at dollar amount on my services.
  • I am confident enough to charge people that amount for my services.
  • Think about it: if you are constantly doing things for free that is what people will know you for.
  • You want people to come to you that are willing to take your services at a price.
  • Be confident in yourself and the ability to say, this is my service, here is the value of my service, this is the dollar amount attached to my service, and this will benefit you if you utilize my service.



Resource: How to Say No To Friends

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