WordPress can be a struggle when your main focus in on building your business.

If you are working on a WordPress site and are struggling to learn how to use it, but don’t really want to pay someone just yet, check out WPBeginner’s Guide for WordPress. I came across this guide as I was reviewing a blog post on the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress that my good friend Deborah Gray (if you want to pay someone for training she is the right person) posted on her website. If you have not been on Deborah Gray’s site you should check it out. Deborah is the best in the industry! She knows what she is doing. The blog post had a direct link to WPBeginner’s in which I quickly found myself browsing their site. The website is full of great content for anyone interested in learning more about WordPress.

You should specifically check out their guides as I mentioned above. The guides cover everything from knowing the difference of a self-hosted WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com to choosing a domain name, finding the right plugins to installing Google Analytics so you can see who is coming to your site and for how long. So much valuable information! As with anything, there is always an overwhelming amount of information on the internet. The problem is not finding the information, but rather finding the time to go through it all, actually absorb it, and apply it. I say, make the time to browse this guide as it will help you.

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If you can, cut out 10-20 minutes a day for going through everything. And when I say cut out 10-20 minutes I really mean, cut out distractions. Put the phone in airplane mode and really pay attention. In other words, disconnect and be present in educating yourself. I know it’s hard to do, I struggle with it myself, I’m not going to lie. The more we practice doing it though the easier it gets and will become part of our daily routine. Just remember that you need to stay focused on your work and what you are passionate about. Whenever possible outsource/ delegate everything else. By doing this you will allow yourself to stay focused on what you do best while helping others do what they do best. Teamwork equals success guys!


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