We all have to work in order to afford the lifestyle we want.

Sure working 9 to 5 every day may not be ideal especially if you are not passionate about the job, but hey, it pays the bills. So how do you learn not to hate your job? How do you motivate yourself to make a change?

Well, for starters you start looking at your current job as a temporary fix. It puts food on the table, pays the bills (I know, barely, but it does), and for some of you, it even allows for a little extra money left over to splurge once everything else is said and done!

What if that extra money started funding your ideal job? Whether that be starting your own business, getting the education you need to move forward or just enough financial stability to free you from your current position.

Think of your current job as your, “right now” job!

Now that we have established that you can START planning your ideal job by making a list! Use your Reminders app on the iPhone, Evernote app or Trello which is another amazing program for really getting organized!

Once you have picked one, start writing down everything that you are interested in or that you can see yourself doing. Brainstorm and let the ideas flow! I myself use all three programs listed above for various tasks.

Trello is my favorite though!

Once you find one you like stick with it so you don’t waste time bouncing from one program to another. The point here is to get your ideas and thoughts written down.

It really is true that when you’re passionate about something and you love what you do it’s no longer work. Make 2015 all about you! Take this time to reflect as well and take the opportunity to just do you!

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