Ed Troxell is the Live Video Guy. Live video creates a tremendous opportunity for people to get their message out, and Ed is the guy who can help you do that.

He helps people navigate the technology and the mindset it takes to make a great live video.

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Facebook Live Video with Ed Troxell

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Welcome to the guy who knows a guy podcast, I am Michael White House, the guy who knows a guy himself. Today we have a fantastic interview with Ed Troxell. He is another one of our fantastic conference 21 speakers, as I’ve mentioned before, and I’m gonna keep saying it until conference 21 happens on February 20, and 21st. We’re going to be interviewing exclusively conference 21 speakers and sponsors from now until the conference to make sure that you know what’s happening, you get your ticket and you show up because it’s going to be awesome. We have over 30 speakers of which ed is one of them, as well as a number of previous guests who are also going to be speakers tickets, are only $21.

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Get your tickets for only $21. And make sure you’re a part of this. And of course, you’re going to want to see Ed Troxell after you listen to this podcast and listen to be like, wow, this is something I need. This guy is great. This guy specializes in live video and getting your name and face out there using this tremendous free technology. And he’s going to talk a lot about how to do it. So definitely sit down, take some notes, get a notepad out. This is going to be a good podcast to listen to two or three times. So let’s get on with the interview with Ed Troxell. So I’m here today with Ed Troxell. The live video guy with Ed Troxell creative. He is one of our fantastic speakers. Who is going to be at conference 21. Ed, how are you doing today?

I’m good. Thank you for having me. This is awesome.

Yeah, definitely excited to have you here and excited to have you at the conference. I’ve been interviewing a whole lot of people and also previous episodes and upcoming episodes, pretty much all the podcast episodes are conference 21 speakers, and it’s been amazing. All the great people on there. So including you, you’re the live video guy. So tell me a little bit about what it means to be a live video guy.

Yeah, well, really I make going online, easy by using video of video first approach and, and that can be scary for a lot of people, including myself when I first started, actually, I was always the guy behind the camera. So I knew that when I quit my full-time job at Apple, I had to get good at being in front of the camera in order for my business to survive online. I mean, it was as simple as that. So that’s where I started was with my own personal business and being able to use that as the way to market myself differently online. And that’s how I started making these connections and building up my community. And really being able to see the bigger picture in terms of you know, our online marketing efforts, and really being able to make connections that I never thought I would have made and be able to do things like this and be able to be at this conference like, this is the stuff that I love. And it’s just through all of these live broadcasts that I’ve done and the connections that I’ve made.

And so we’re talking about live broadcasts, I mean, like Facebook, live YouTube Live that sort of thing, or yeah, no great question. I try to keep things as simple as possible. You know, I’m the techie, but I’m the techie who breaks it down for people. And so while most are focused on the fancy equipment, and what cameras and lights and all that, I bring it back to the basics, so that people can start and start with their Facebook Live journey. And I specifically start with Facebook Live because almost all the platforms now do have a live option where people can broadcast live. However, Facebook is still the number one social network site. And so it still plays a huge role when we look at the big picture of our online marketing efforts. So that’s I specifically start with Facebook Live as far as good to fish where the fish actually are.

Yes. So we do it directly to Facebook or I use stream live stream yard, which lets me stream to my, my, my own channel, and also my groups and YouTube a number of other places. So do you use something like that? Or do you do it, director? Or do you do when you’re getting started? Yes, actually. So what I teach people inside my program is both I actually teach them how to get started with just going live from their phone, because I want it to be the basics. And I want them to be comfortable going live where they’re at because there are different ways of going live. And there are different levels of going live.

And so that’s where we start. But then I also show them how to use technology, just like you had mentioned, with string yard, and use that to be able to take their streaming to another level. Also, even if they’re not ready to take it to another level, they might just be more comfortable on their desktop. And so I just like to be able to show them what’s possible, and open those doors for them so that they can decide when and if they’re going to walk through them.

Yeah, it sounds like you doing something really important there. You know, for me, I’m so comfortable. Speaking of whether it’s on video or audio that I have to kind of remind myself that for a lot of people, the idea of pointing their camera at themselves and hitting go live and just starting talking is not only slightly troubling but more terrifying than then you know, fighting an army of angry barbarians. So so it was or what do you do with people who are kind of afraid? You’re like, I don’t know what to say, I’m gonna freeze up what I’m gonna do? How do you help people get over that fear and, and get comfortable talking to the camera?

Yeah, it’s such a great question. Because so many of us, myself included, especially when I first started, we get inside of our heads, and we think we overthink it. And we really start going into, I’m not good enough. No one wants to hear me, no one wants to see me. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about. And so that’s why I like to work with my clients on mindset first. And that’s why we don’t get into the tech part until later. Because it’s really about us getting comfortable with one ourselves, and to the thought of ourselves being put out there to the world. And being in that public space.

Right? Because public speaking is one of the if not the biggest fears we all have in common. And so that’s, that’s what I like to work on first is the mindset and really being able to understand what is holding us back? Why are we afraid to be in front of the camera and really talking that out and making sure that we address those concerns, and validate those, and then we can start moving forward into the journey.

And it’s kind of passing up our subjective perception of what is really public and what isn’t. Yeah, people post on Facebook, as if it’s a private journal. And, you know, at the extreme, you’ll see, you’ll see these, these things about the people who post about crimes on Facebook, you know, picture the stuff they stole. But even but, you know, talking about people they know, who are obviously identifiable in the post, that are sharing opinions or political opinions, political means and, and being like, what’s my role? I can say what I want? Well, yeah, but yeah, you can also pick people off. But then that same person might say, Well, I’m not going to go live because well, that’s, that’s a bit much to be so public, your they shared pictures of everything. And they’ve talked about everything. But it’s video, and now it feels like they’re going on television. So it’s sort of a different thing there. Yes. Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah, I love how you bring up the television aspects. So with my clients, what I do is I actually frame everything around a TV show. And I help them build out their live show, and more specifically, their first season. So that’s the beauty of being able to package it that way and think a little differently about how you’re going to go live because, again, there are different levels of going live. And I always like to say go live with a plan, because we always are hearing and telling and, and hearing again, sorry. But we were always hearing the go-live part.

And it’s like yes, that’s like one aspect of it and by all means go live if you can to get used to it. But then there’s that next level, which is actually going live with a plan, and then that way you have more of a purpose, and you understand what you’re going to talk about and what more importantly what you’re going to do after that live plans. Let’s try that sometime. Yeah, that’s gonna hit The buttons are talking, but I can definitely see the value of that and, and having more of a cohesive message and cohesive, cohesive concept along those lines. And so once people start making a plan, so what goes into that plan? How do you put that together?

Yeah, well, and before we jump on that you did make a good point to where it’s one of those things where you can just go live and wing it to whether you’re prepared or not, you know, once you start getting more comfortable with lives, you’ll notice that you do that. But it doesn’t always have to be planned. And but when you want to get comfortable, especially coming out of the gate, it is nice to have a plan. And when I say the plan, I don’t mean a full-on script, because here’s the thing, going live, it’s not supposed to be scripted. And so that’s one thing that I want people to know is that scripted is great, but it’s also too much of the, it has to be perfect. And that’s what pre-recorded video is, you know that that’s, that’s a whole different space.

When it comes to live, we want to be able to really just know what it is that we want to talk about. So what’s our topic? And what are some top talking points that we want to cover? And from there, then we can go live and have that conversation, we have to remember that social media is all about joining or starting a conversation. And I know that gets lost with the constant I have to post and I have to hashtag and I have to do all this stuff. But at the end of the day, it’s all about starting or joining the conversation. And that is where the magic happens. I always say, you know, when someone goes live, I always say that the magic happens in the comments because that’s where people start asking questions to start relating to you.

And that’s where you can take those conversations to the next level, both in the public area there under the comments, as well as into the DMS the direct messages. So yeah, it’s all about the conversation. And we have to remember that and sharing our expertise. And also know that we don’t have to know, every single in and out of our industry like things change so much, especially when you’re talking around tech. So we’ll never know, everything that we need to know about whatever it is we’re an expert in.

And a lot of people have a hard time saying the word expert because they feel like they don’t know enough to be considered an expert. And again, it’s one of those things like you just have to know enough to help somebody get from step one to two, or two to three, you know, one of my friends who I actually met at a conference down in San Diego, and had mentioned on my podcast where she had her coach tell her, you know, you just have to be the sophomore to the freshmen. And it’s like hearing that just takes so much pressure off. And knowing that you can still show up, you can still deliver your information and get with that engagement because that engagement is key to taking you to that next level.

Yeah, I love that sophomore the freshman concept, but you just need to, you don’t need to everything you just need some more than the person you’re teaching. Exactly. Similar to the very important survival advice. You don’t have to be faster than the bear. You just have to be faster than someone else in your group. Ah, yes, I like that.

I like that. That that valuable advice. I’ll leave you to ponder on it. We’re gonna take a quick break. And we’ll be back right after this with Ed Troxell. You’ve heard me talk a lot about conference 21. And you’re gonna keep hearing about it because it’s going to be awesome. And I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get there. You probably haven’t gotten your tickets yet. That’s okay. It’s December the events in February. But I wanted to give you a little incentive to not wait, you know, this kind of venue like so i $21. I’ll just wait till February. I’ll get it then.

So I create an incentive. The first part of conference 21 is January 6. It’s an exclusive networking event only for speakers sponsors and ticket holders of conference 21. So if you get tickets now, you can go to the event on the sixth, there’s another event on the 29th and then one on the Friday of the event February 19. That’s three bonus networking events. Just give me a little incentive to get your tickets early. Because of course, you’re going to get your tickets you know that there are over 30 speakers talking about everything from marketing to mindset to entrepreneurial strategy, someone talking about events ran a virtual wine tasting, it’s gonna be an incredible event that you’re not gonna want to miss. What’s so cool is because it’s virtual, the overheads much lower so we can do things we couldn’t normally do at a low-cost event.

So it’s really going to be awesome. Speaking of awesome, let’s get back to the interview with Ed Troxell, who is one of our conference 21 speakers, who’s going to tell you a little bit more about going live. getting your name out using some of these amazing technologies out there. Let’s get back to Ed Troxell.

So I’m back with Ed Troxell, Ed Troxell, creative, the live video guy. Before we left, we were talking about ways to get started and kind of get over your fear of public speaking of and of speaking live. And you’re talking about how you want to have people that have established their minds, they have something to share and something of value. But so how would you recommend for someone who’s thinking about getting into the live space to really get themselves psyched up and ready and get started?

Yeah, well, besides hanging out with me, obviously, you’re sorry, you’re the video guy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, I like to make it simple and fun. Like, that’s my whole thing is make it simple and fun. Because as we start getting comfortable with the thought of going live, and actually the action of going live, then we start to get in our zone, right, we step outside our comfort zone, we start feeling you know, the rockiness. And then we start putting things down and realize it’s not as bad as we thought it was. And we start figuring out what we like and what we don’t like because now we’re more open to the idea. And then we really can start to make it our own.

That’s why with my clients, I work on creating their season one, which is the first 10 episodes because I want to get that consistency part there. And I want to have that solid foundation. But after that, they will be able to take it wherever they want to go with it. And they’ll have a better understanding of what’s possible.

So it’s really just thinking about the ideas, and writing those down. Because at this point, if you’re just starting or even getting the thought of starting in your head, then start writing things down. And I say write them down. Because that pen to paper really has a good creative flow, we want to make sure that we stick to the pen and paper, again, I got to pull pulling you back from that technology aspects for a minute, you can come back to it, but I got to pull you back from the tech. So that way we can remove any friction and have less complications with that creative stage.

And then from there, you’re really going to see what it is you could talk about what it is you should talk about, and get more comfortable with knowing that you do have something to share, you do know what you’re going to talk about, you are an expert in XYZ. And people need to know they need to hear you, they need to see you, they need to feel your energy. And that’s the beauty of going live. And for anybody who thinks that they don’t have an audience out there, let me just tell you, you do and that audience is out there waiting for you.

You need to show up.

I will tell you, they’re waiting for you. But as we know, our attention spans are very short. So they’re not going to wait around forever. And you need to take that first step because only you can. And you know, I always tell people, the three keys to success in anything that you do, whether it’s business or personal, is one show up. Only you can do that you have to show up to you have to deliver. Like, it’s one thing to show up. But it’s a whole nother thing to deliver something so that people can hear from you. So that you can find your voice. And then the most important of all three, is engage. Now you can’t get to the stage until you do the first two, which is why it’s the last it’s the third one. But engage. That is what takes you to that next level. That’s what gets you those connections. That’s what builds your community up. That’s what gets you those speaking opportunities. That’s what gets you those sales, those followers, whatever goal is yours, that’s how you’re going to get there.

The only thing that you need is to start and you got to show up, deliver. And then you can engage, so to speak of the audience. So how do you make sure that people are actually going to see it? So Facebook has algorithms and on your pages you only get 7% reach into personal pages aren’t too much better? So how do you make sure that when you go live people are watching?

Yes, such a great question. So we never know who’s watching. We’ll just put that out there right now, even if even if people see the post. We never know who’s actually watching, right. And with the algorithms, it’s very challenging these days. But all of the algorithms that are Have a live component do favor live over any other posts. Hence why I love talking about going live and why I encourage people to do it because it is being favored by all of the platforms. And so that means that you’re going to get more organic reach, meaning you don’t have to pay for people to see it than you would any other post, typically. And so that’s that’s a reason why you want to go live and ways that you can make this happen in terms of having people see your lives is by talking about it.

And sharing it with people sharing it with your friends, your business colleagues, like whoever’s on your email, list, your texts list, like calling up your, your phone list, like you have so many resources at your fingertips that you can share that information out with. But again, you have to start before you can get to that next stage. And what I like to tell my clients too, is don’t expect anybody to show up. I know that’s weird.

Because you’re thinking, well, you just told me that I need to go live. And the whole point of going live is so that I can start to be seen by more people and more people can hear me, and then make more connections. But now you’re telling me to expect no one to show up. And your rights. I’m telling you don’t expect anybody to show up because I want to remove the pressure.

Again, I’m trying to remove the friction, so that you can show up as your best self, and share your expertise, your greatness with the world and allow them to discover you. And here’s the thing, most people probably won’t even see you during the live, they’ll be catching the replay. So again, when we go back to the beginning, where I talked about go live with a plan, the plan is not just to create that content, and then go live, there’s so much more this is what I talked about inside my coaches go live program is being able to help you see that bigger picture and be able to be more strategic and effective with your online marketing efforts.

Because there’s a lot of things that you can do. But if we start to narrow things down, and we really focus on some key pieces, those can really take you to that next level and can simplify your workload and actually save you more time, because video will save you more time when you can look at it from a different perspective than what we’re used to from back in the day.

And so we’re talking about Facebook, what are some of the other platforms where we’re alive is effective?

Oh, yeah. So I mean, any platform that you’re on, and that’s your preferred one, because your audience is there, and you’ve built up your community, if it has live Go for it, like Instagram has live, Twitter has live, which is based, which is Periscope. And LinkedIn has a live feature. However, at this time, it’s still pretty locked down. It’s not publicly open to people. So you know, YouTube has live.

But again, go where you’re where your audience is. And also, the reason why I start with Facebook, again, is not only because it’s the biggest platform, but if you are a business and somebody Google’s you, chances are they’re going to find one of two things, your website and or your Facebook business page. And so again, part of that bigger plan is making sure that we have an active presence on our Facebook business page, which for most people has probably been collecting a lot of dust over the years. So we’re here to dust off, dust off our shoulders, if you will, does dust off the Facebook page and be able to give it some activity. So that way we can still show up on that platform, even if Instagram is your preferred space. That makes a lot of sense. So of course, you’re gonna be a speaker at conference 41 in February, what are you going to be sharing with us when you speak there?

I am excited. It’s we’re going to be talking about live, of course, and being able to really see how we can get to that live stage. And when I say stage, I mean that online platform that you’re choosing and really understanding why do you want to go live? And how can you go live to make a bigger impact online and to market yourself differently, and to really look at it from a different perspective? So this hopefully planted the seed for those creative juices to start flowing, and hopefully, by then there’ll be some more solid foundation for listeners. Very nice.

So we’re coming towards the end of our time. Was there anything else you’d like to share with listeners and that they should know about the wide world of live or about the wide world of Ed Troxell? Yeah, I mean, you know, here’s the thing. My website is where it’s at, for everyone to connect. It doesn’t matter. If you’re trying to find me on social, it’s there at Ed Troxell calm. And the biggest thing is, is if somebody is trying to go live or would like to really take that next step in their life journey, then I encourage them to just hop on a call with me, I’d love to point them in the right direction. And I’ll even share about my coaches go live program because that is the part that I’m very passionate about, and I know will help them in their live journey, but also in their journey online and being able to really show up more online in more places and be more confident and empowered to do so as well.

That sounds like a really powerful resource that Ed Troxell calm has two L’s. Yes Troxell with two L’s calm as we were talking about before the show, and so people can find you there. And as soon as they follow you on social media, they will see you going live in various places. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And I’m sure plenty of Tick Tock videos as well.

Okay. Yeah. I’ve been kind of working into Tick Tock. It’s I keep, frankly, I keep forgetting is there? It’s a great for that six-second format with the motivational speaking. I do I can do. It’s got the music built right in and like, Oh, I should totally do Tick tock, as we all enter this. And then three weeks ago by and I haven’t posted anything to it.

Yes. Yeah. It’s a lot of fun over there.

Yeah. Yeah, it is. It is a bit if say, I don’t have a lot of time to consume it. And so I keep forgetting to, to post to it. But yeah, when I go over there, it’s interesting, just quick, punchy, little platform that I found. And that, you know, you and I are both on it. We’re both over the age of 13. So the minute that it’s all, it’s all teenyboppers is not accurate.

Exactly. Yeah. No, it’s changed over time. That’s for sure.

Yeah, I think that happens a lot. If nothing else, if you have a platform, that’s all 13-year-olds, four years later, it’s gonna be all 17-year-olds, right. So you know, they’re gonna, they’re going to be coming up, they get older. It’s not like the 30-year-old just handed off to the next class when they come through and go on to the next thing. Right, people tend to HIV. Yo, Facebook used to be all college kids. And now a lot of teenagers are like, I don’t want to get on Facebook. That’s where my parents are. Exactly.

So you’d want to feel old. But became the old person social media platform, and the platform business Really? Which is, which kind of crazy thing?

Oh, yeah, definitely.

Yep. So any final comments before I let you go, just that I want everyone listening to take a break after this episode, you took a lot of notes, probably you’re gonna hopefully re-listen to it and make more notes, which are great. But at the end of the day, I want you to just start, I want you to pick one thing to talk about, know your talking points, hit that go live button, expect no one to show up. And just deliver your information. And once it’s done, it’s done. And if people engage, then you engage. So that’s it. I mean, really just start, show up, deliver and engage. And you can do that with everything in your life. And you will be successful at whatever it is you’re working on.

I love it. I want to add to that if someone after this goes out goes live because they were inspired by listening to you. And they tag. The guy knows the guy or like a White House, but yet be friends with me to tag me. But yeah, they tag either I will share your live video out to my network and amplify it out there. Because if we can inspire people to go live as are getting their message out there. It can do some good things for everybody.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

So Oh, thank you very much for being on the show. It’s been great. So it’s Ed Troxell Crater, that’s Ed Troxell with two L’s dot com. And of course, you can see him at conference 21 we can get tickets at conference 20 one.com thank you so much for being on the show.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I really enjoyed having Ed on the show. He really knows what he’s talking about. And a lot of it is simply just getting out there and getting started. But sometimes it’s those little details little things I’m not quite sure how not quite sure what to do, which is where a coach like Ed can really help you. Because if nothing else, I’m sure he gives his clients that kick in the butt to actually get out there and do it. That is really the key to being good at Facebook Live being good at podcasting.

Being all those things. People often say hey, Michael, how did you get to be such a good speaker? And I say I did it a lot. Well, you know, did you take classes to Trent? No, I did it a lot. How did I start a funny story?

So actually, I go back to high school, I remember I was running for student class president and I was doing it on a satirical platform. But remember, I got up there to speak in front of the whole audience, it looked like about 72 million people in the auditorium. I was shaking like a leaf, I could barely see the paper, I was probably, you can see the fear on my face, and the audience responded accordingly. Well, a few years later, I had the opportunity to launch just to be a co-founder of a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. If you’re not familiar with Rocky Horror, well, then what I’d say is the white is Johnny the way to head to get out from under the rock you’re living under.

And that’s you can find out about Rocky Horror, cuz it’s pretty much saturated the world it’s five years old, and I am from 1975. So yeah, if you’re not familiar with it, go Google it. But so Rocky is done the shadow cast, you have a live cast in front of the screen, performing what the characters on the screen are doing. And then you’ve got people in the audience who shouter called audiences patient lines because you all know the movies.

So you can, you can make the jokes in advance of what they say. And it’s a whole lot of fun. But before that, there’s a pre-show segment. And I was the one who did the auction, we would auction off the inflatable saxophone, the group sax as we call it, signed by the whole cast, and I got as much once as $401 for this 72 cent piece of plastic that was in the show. So I did this simply by iteration. Every week I was up there 510 15 minutes in front of a live audience getting them fired up. It gave me a lot of practice. And as you know, so I haven’t played rocky you’ve ever seen me?

You’d be like that guy who played rocky that I got to see. Yes, yes, I did also play Janet. So you’re welcome for that image. But so once you’ve done that kind of thing on stage, getting up and talking about networking isn’t really that scary. Because you know, I’m fully dressed. It’s not that big a deal. So it’s easy. Over the last couple of years, I’ve done a lot of things with other Facebook videos or podcasts, I’ve had a few rounds of daily videos for the last few months. I’ve done the Michaels motivation, which is daily as a video, I’m holding that off, I’m switching to text because I think that’s getting more engagement right now in the current space. But, but if you do it enough, you get good at it.

So if you’re like, hey, I want to be a better speaker, a better impromptu speaker than I tell you what. Take your camera, take your video, your video, phone, your smartphone, yeah, take your old video phone, because I’m a 1960s sci-fi character, take your smartphone, do a Facebook Live or periscope or a YouTube Live or whatever it is, and just record it. Or if you don’t want anyone to see it. You don’t have to just record yourself and hold on to the video and watch it and give yourself feedback. But you might as well get out there because you’re probably not that bad. But you’ll record yourself and pick one topic and speak for one to five minutes on that topic extemporaneously every day, you do that for a year, you’ve now done it 365 times you do some 365 times, you’re probably going to be better at it.

The key thing is, don’t really worry too much about exactly what you’re saying. Now, I would not go into terribly contentious topic areas, don’t be talking about politics off the cuff like this. Don’t be talking about religion off the cuff like this, talk about something you know, and you’re comfortable with. You know, stay away from contentious topics like Star Wars versus Star Trek, you want to make sure you get your wording right on that kind of thing. But stick to stuff that you’re comfortable with, that you can talk about pretty easily.

And you will discover If you get out of your own way, you’re a better speaker than you think. So you know, just practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. And if you want to get better faster, and really work the techniques and make sure you’re working the right algorithms on the right platforms and whatnot. That’s what it’s for. That’s why you hire him. So you can also see and of course, at conference 21 that’s concrete 20 one.com, I remind you again, the tickets are only $21. That’s the 21 in Congress 21. Actually, the way the name came about was that I had this crazy idea of Hey, 2021 is going to not be 2020. And that’s going to be very exciting. I think people are gonna want to see that and celebrate it. Let’s make a conference that celebrates that.

So I said, What if it was February 20 and 21st, which is February 2021. of 2021. That looks the calendar. So it was Saturday and Sunday. So that seems to work, I guess I don’t know. Let’s try it. But I started that way I put out a call. I said hey, I’m doing this event to my network and I’m looking for some great speakers on different topics, who would like to be involved and I was aiming for 21 speakers, they didn’t have to kind of work to get there. I immediately had 28 applications or 28 great speakers signed up and they were all good. And then a few more signed up after that as well. So I said okay, I think I’ve got something going on here. I think it’s gonna be pretty exciting. So this is going to be an amazing event we got sling show is a platform which is going to be fantastic. Definitely check it out, go to the conference. 20 one.com.

If you’re on the fence for some bizarre reason, you can sign up for the email list and not buy a ticket. I don’t know why but you can sign up for An email list and not by a tick. And then you’ll be kept informed, you’ll get emails about different speakers who are on the agenda and reminders. And at least that way, you won’t forget to buy the ticket when your head clears and you choose to do what you know you want to do, which is sign up.

Now, would you say I’m not free that weekend, I’m busy on the weekend, the 20th and 21st. buy the ticket anyway, because you’ll have access to the recordings, of course, you’ll miss out in the networking, but you can still go to the networking on the sixth and the 29th. And even the 19th if you’re available, then and then catch the recording, you can catch the rest of it on the recordings.

So I recommend you go live, it’s going to be much better experience to go live with QA and the networking and everything. But if you can’t, that’s okay, gets chicken anyway. $21 for 30. And change is probably about 30 to 33 talks that you’re gonna you’re gonna get with that. That’s a pretty good deal. In fact, most of these talks are probably the kind of things that could be sold for $27 by themselves, or $270, depending on on the speaker. So the deal of $21 for all this is phenomenal.

Go to the conference 20 one.com. And that’s enough. Billy Mays for me today. But wait, there’s more. No, there’s no more there’s just the networking events and conference 21 because $21 How much do you want? Okay, you want more? That’s fine. I don’t have it for you. That’s what we got. Go buy your ticket. And if this goes well, this will be a regular event where I keep doing them because the overhead is pretty low and the opportunities are tremendous. So let’s do it. All right, I’m Michael White House. This is the guy who knows the guy podcast and in a moment you’re gonna hear me read the credits. This is the guy who knows a guy podcast with Michael White House segment introductions by Rowan White House.

Our theme song is composed by Patrick Howard of four unicorns design other music was Bits and Bytes by clouds of hell and summer ambient piano by Raphael cook of film music.io find us on the web at www. guy who knows a guy calm questions can be submitted in written form or as an audio file to Michael a guy knows a guy.com if you’ve enjoyed this show, please subscribe to this podcast and leave a review. You can also follow the guy who knows a guy on facebook@facebook.com slash the guy who knows a guy if you know someone who may enjoy this episode or the podcast as a whole welcome you to share our links with them. Thanks, we’ll see you next week.


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