Starting April 21, mobile friendliness will be a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm, so now is the time to grab your phone and check out your website, go on!

Now that you have checked out your website did you notice anything? If the answer was no, you just saw your site as if you were on your computer then you have some work to do. If the answer was yes, and your website looked different in terms of size and options then you’re in luck!

It is very important that you make sure your website is responsive a.k.a. mobile-friendly as it will affect your SEO as well as your returning customers. Its a fact that when someone views a website on their mobile device, which is the majority of the population these days, they want it to be responsive. If the customer has to zoom in, slide left, slide right, can’t click on something because it doesn’t know what to do given it was built for desktop then the chances of them returning are slim. Now that I have freaked you out and you have done a little work (checking your website on your phone, remember from above) I want you to go here to Google to test if your site is mobile-friendly.

Below is research I found from Hubspot which further confirms why you need a mobile-friendly website.

Hubspot research

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