We talked about:

– Dig in Magazine’s coverage of I, Tonya
– E! Co-Host Catt Sadler leaving E! News over gender gap
– You are a badass at making money book
– My tips for handling your money and credit cards

My notes from “You are a badass at making money

Shifting your Mindset around money:

1. When you make money say, “See, money loves me, it just can’t stay away” and do a happy dance

2. Write a letter to money as if it were a real person. You and money are a “us” thing.

3. Getting clear on the specifics around your why?

Why do you desire this money?
What will you spend it on?
How will it feel to make it and spend it?

I love this: “Specifics allow the universe to fulfill your order.” Ex ordering a sandwich

Ex. You want to make an extra $5,000 a month. $3,000 of that will go towards monthly bills and $2,000 will go towards saving for a new car or down payment for a home.

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