Inc Magazine posted this article “10 Really Smart Things Successful Millennials Do” and what is brilliant about it is how author Bill Murphy spins the negative into a positive – teaching us all a lesson or two.

Reading the article got me thinking how fortunate I am to have the best of both worlds (old-school/ new-school ways). I grew up with my grandparents around which helped push the “respect your elders” in my house – not to mention my parents taught me to always help others. Of course along the way you discover that some people see that as your weakness and feed off that. Not to worry though, if you are aware of this it will only make you stronger. Which leads me to number 4 (“They don’t pay their dues”) from the article. No matter what your line of work is, you have to be aware!

Once you are aware of whats going on you can start taking initiative. Take me for example. I started with a new client this week which as other entrepreneurs know is like showing up to school on the first day. You never know what to expect and everyone knows you as the new guy. In this situation you are faced with two options, stand by on the sidelines and wait or jump right in. Well, I jumped and let me tell you, it feels good! People want/ need, someone who is not afraid to take initiative. The key here is being aware of what’s going on before you do!

As an entrepreneur (or soon to be entrepreneur) you have to remember that clients are coming to you because you are the expert. You are the person they need on the team to help take them to the next level. You are the one who will educate them (as they will with you) on what you know – this is why they hired you. Which leads into number 5, “They think they’re experts” and number 7 “They think they define their roles.” Read the “10 Really Smart Things Successful Millennials Do” and share with me what you got out of this. If you want to take it one step further, share with me if you are an entrepreneur or if you are in the process of planning your exit strategy.


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