In today’s scope I had my lovely guest Ciara come on to talk with me about self doubt and how to overcome it. We also tied in the role social media can play in helping you over come your self-doubt.

Key points that we covered:

  • Practice – It’s just like anything else, you have to practice daily before you get comfortable with it
  • Repetition – sticking with it
  • Reflecting – seeing what you liked and didn’t like so that next time you can do it differently
  • Feedback and providing specific feedback – not only asking for it but being open to receiving it
  • Using social media to put yourself and your questions out there- be vulnerable. Think of it as a large classroom and you are the only one willing to raise your hand to speak. Do it! Others will follow
  • A video Ciara mentioned she watched @ingridnilsen: Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

|Replay: Overcoming Self Doubt & How Social Media Can Help|



What are your tips on overcoming self-doubt?

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