Let me start off by saying, you do not need to add another Social Media platform to your To-Do list. Although, adding Periscope will help you!

You might have heard of, or are hearing about, a new social site called Periscope. Periscope is a live broadcasting network that instantly lets you share your world with everyone else via your mobile device [Crash course on getting started on Periscope here]. It’s awesome!

You will want to sign in with your Twitter account (if you don’t have one yet, get one) as it will help get your message out there. I know that live broad casting sounds crazy and intimidating, but stay with me here. I will be the first to tell you that I am not one to get in front of the camera. I prefer to be behind the camera capturing the moments in front of me. About a week ago I conquered my fear of being on camera and did my first Periscope (also known as a scope). Yes, it was nerve wracking! I was totally nervous and was completely vulnerable for everyone to see. Did I mess up? Of course! Here’s the cool thing about Periscope, you can delete the video right away or they disappear after 24 hours [UPDATE: Periscope now let’s you save past 24 hours if you include #SAVE in the title of your broadcast].

After my first video I felt an adrenaline rush, almost like cliff jumping, leaving me wanting to do it again. I took a deep breath and did another broadcast. What helped encourage me was watching Chalene Johnson and Lewis Howes do their Periscopes. If you watch them you will be inspired instantly! I have been telling myself lately that in order for me to stand out in the crowd I have to get in front of the camera and just be me. Just being me is what works in my every day life so now I can expand and help others by bringing that to everyone online. I am now addicted to Periscope! I want to be on camera! I want to be myself and share my knowledge. Periscope allows me to do this for FREE!

So what’s the benefit for you?

You get to broadcast live whatever it is you are doing, business or personal.

  • You get to have anyone in the world tune in. Those viewers can easily share your content (on iPhone swipe to the right when watching a broadcast and tap on share, android swipe up)
  • Users can engage with you by commenting in real-time, and provide you with hearts (when you tap on the screen). Hearts mean you’re interested & “like” the content.
  • Not only are you broadcasting live and engaging with viewers in real-time, but you can also save your content for posting elsewhere later. Yes! After you finish a broadcast you have the option to save the video to your device (has to be a mobile device).
  • Once you do then you can post it anywhere or even better, take it and edit it in iMovie (Mac only).

Still don’t see the benefit? Let me break it down for you. Record on one network (Periscope) and now you have content available for all your other Social Media platforms. You can use it for podcasts, your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you have been looking for that one thing that can streamline your content you found it, Periscope!

To help you get over the fear, think about it this way,  it’s just you and a close friend! Just talk like you would as if your friend was right there with you. Cover up the number of viewers (located in the lower right corner) if you need to. If people show up great! If you get a few hearts awesome! If no one shows up it doesn’t matter. You just focus on delivering your content so that you can repurpose it later. Don’t worry about the numbers, those will come later.

[bctt tweet=”Don’t focus on the number of viewers you have on Periscope. Focus on delivering the content. ” username=”Ed_Troxell”]


Right now most of the people on the platform are just watching. Which means if you can get camera ready and take the plunge to be in front of the camera you will stand out! You will also be building your following. Again, not very many people like to be on camera but you got this! You are camera ready!

So pick up your phone:

  1. Download Periscope
  2. Sign in with Twitter
  3. Tap the third button in from the left (this is your record button)
  4. Give it a title
  5. Hit start broadcast (pull down the little arrow in the upper right to flip the camera to be in “Selfie” mode and start talking)!

Looking for more resources on Periscope?


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