The video above shows 6 people (photographers) who were told various things about one man, there subject. It is up to each photographer to capture this man in the way he was described to them. Watch the video to really grasp what we are talking about. Share what you got out of the video in the comments below.

Why we love it? We all see things differently and we each bring a unique prospective to the table. Our creative eye, style, and mindset is what makes us different from one another. No two people will make the exact same impact on someone. There will always be slight differences. At the end of the day, no one else can be you. What would have been cool, and maybe this is will be a follow up, is if all the photographers were told the same story. Then we could see if they would have had similar shots with slight variations in angles?


6 Photographers Capture Same Person but Different Results Vary Widely Because of a Twist.


*Huge shout out to my friend Ayrjia Child for sending me this.


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