Picking an Instagram name is just like picking a name for anything else. You have to give it some consideration.

An Instagram name should be just as important as naming your child (well, at least pretty close to it). Let’s face it, if this is for your business it’s your baby. You want a strong name that represents your business. The name should define who you are and leave an impact, that way when someone hears it they know exactly who the brand or company is.

When I had to pick an Instagram name for my own business, Ed Troxell Creative, I was trying to think too much. I was trying to come up with really creative and fun ones instead of just keeping it simple.

When you start thinking of usernames everything comes to mind. Next thing you know you have wasted an hour or two trying to decide on a name that doesn’t really represent you or your brand. When trying to come up with an Instagram name (really anytime you are trying to come up with a name) write out your ideas and turn to Google for a little inspiration!


Google: Searching for “Creative Instagram Names”


A simple search for creative Instagram names returned, “How to Find Sexy Instagram Names.” This article shows you 20 step by step ideas and suggestions for coming up with an Instagram name. It gets you to think outside the box. It makes you think about adding action words like “Ask” or “Join” to your username.

Author Aaron Lee even suggested playing with periods, underscores, and spelling out dot com. No matter what route you go just make sure it fits you and your brand. Also, make sure it doesn’t look spammy either. Just keep the name simple and to the point!

I kept my Instagram name simple and went with @EdTroxellCreative. Follow me and say hello!

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