UPDATE: Did you know you could use QuickTime player for more than just watching videos? Click QuickTime to learn more

As your business starts to grow so will your team. Soon you won’t be the only one doing a dozen things (only half a dozen). Yes, soon you will be able to delegate tasks out to sub contractors or even employees.

Save yourself some time, frustrations, and most importantly money by taking the time now to start making note and recording screen flows of your processes. Remember, some people learn quicker than others and not everyone learns the same way. By providing a clearly laid out documentation or even better, a video showing how to do something now, will save you later.

Think about it. When you start something new it can take awhile to figure everything out. Once you figure it out though watch out, you are off to the races!

Another reason to create screen flows is you could potentially turn them into courses you offer on your website. Depending on your industry and what you do, this could provide you a little supplemental income. Yes, you have to remember to think about it before getting too involved in a task and it takes time to edit these, but it will defiantly be worth it in the end.

Total transparency, I have to remind myself to do this too! The hardest part is remembering to do it because we just jump into our projects and get to work, forgetting to hit that record button.

To create a screen recording, use QuickTime. Launch QuickTime > Click on File > New Screen Recording. Then follow the prompt asking if you want to record the whole screen or just a section.




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