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How would you like to get more leads and business with video – without all the complicated tech or stress of filming?

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Tune into this video to hear how you can get more listings and close more deals with the Go Live Video Expert, me (Ed Troxell) where I will be sharing tips on how you can get started going live today!

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New to me? I make video marketing simple by taking a live streaming approach and will show you what to do so that you can become the real estate Rockstar in your community and geo-location.

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Welcome real estate agents. I just wanted to bring up a special guest. He’s been a dear friend of mine and he’s just when it comes to this stuff, like, I’m just like, I need for you to share this with this community because the real estate world has changed dramatically just because of COVID. You know, everything is digital.

Everything is video and. Ed is the guy, right? He is the guy to help you just make video and you know, just make a video marketing, just really super easy for you. And he was gracious enough to come on today. You know, he’s over in California, so he’s a little bit earlier up in the morning, but just to share His knowledge and he’s got such vast knowledge on this stuff.

And what I want to share with you is like, you know, how would you like to get more leads and business with live video first, without the complicated tech, without having to deal with the stress of shooting video over and over, over for just different platforms. Right? And then, you know, really turning this thing into a marketing machine.

So that cold leads turn into warm leads even before speaking with them and then becoming the real estate rock star within your community and your geolocation. So like, it, it just. It’s just awesome. What Ed, what it brings to the table. So before I introduce right before I introduce you to the goal live video expert, Ed, and Troxell let me share with you just a little bit about who ed is, right?

And for over 15 years, ed has worked with small businesses and nonprofits, anyone from solopreneurs to local County organizations, helping them navigate the online space. And understand how they can show what more effectively and efficiently online, right? From web design to now live video production.

Ed is the guy who makes tech stupid, easy, right. And. Video marketing. Super simple. Hallelujah. So thank you, Ed, for that. And Ed has helped clients improve their online appearance on websites, the social media profiles, the standing in front of the camera live for the very first time in Austin, many times over the years, ed has developed a really, really cool unique framework.

He showed me just a little tidbit of it and I’m just like, dude, like this is it, man. Like we, we have to, we have to share this with people. So for a teaching busy professionals, how to go live which is called The Live Advantage. His framework has helped clients, not only show what more comfortably confidently on camera, but also bring them new leads and clients as well.

So dude, like you bring so much value to the table. I’m so thrilled that you read, you had an opening today. I really speak and add value for our real estate friends here. I love to welcome Ed Troxell – Ed would love to hear a bit more about the three keys of success that you’re always talking about.

Right? That you’ve taught me in our brief conversation on how they play a part in The Live Advantage framework, man. So like, welcome. I’d love to hear more about you let’s share with the audience who you are, where you’re from and you know, just let’s dive deeper into this. Yeah, thank you so much for having me, and hello everyone.

I’m so excited to be here. Even if you watch the replay, be sure to say hello. That’s a big one that I want to put out there. Not only for you tuning into this episode. Notice I said episode, we’ll talk about that, but also for you to take that key. We’re our keywords. I should say that call to action for applying to your live stream.

So even if you’re not going live yet, you will be soon, especially after you hear this one. And that’s one call to action that you can give your viewers is to make sure that they say hello, listen, I’m a teacher, so I just can’t help it, but to teach all the time. And so. Thank you so much for having me on the show.

And I am so grateful to be here. I’m tuning in, as you mentioned from California, sunny Northern California wine country, we call it and yeah, I started this live streaming journey a little over five years ago, right? When live streaming just started to come out with this little thing called Periscope.

And let me just tell you that. I still can’t believe that I’m here today talking about how I teach others to go live. Because when I first started, I hated being in front of the camera. I was a total introvert and I did not want to. See me on camera. I didn’t want to hear myself on audio. I was always the guy behind the camera telling everyone else what to do in front of it.

So I got to be like the producer behind the scenes and let everyone else do their thing and perform that magic in front of the camera. But for me to step in front, that was huge. And. The reason I did it. And how I got to where I’m at today is because when I quit my full-time job at Apple and gave up my full-time benefits, my decent pay, all of the things that we’re supposed to want and have and need.

I decided that I needed to figure out how I was going to make this entrepreneurship thing full-time work because. It needed to, it was gonna, I gave up everything to do this. And so what I discovered, because I love to research and I do this all day long. Is that there was this thing called live streaming starting up.

And that’s when it clicked. And I knew that in order for me to survive and for my business to survive online, I had to market myself differently and how I was going to do that was going to be with this thing called live streaming. And it scared the crap out of me. It took a long time for me to get comfortable on camera, took a long time for me to get comfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera live, especially live to an audience.

I didn’t think that I had, I didn’t think that anybody would show up. I didn’t think anybody wanted to hear from me. I didn’t think anybody would buy from me if I sold something on my live streams. Like all of the things that you’re probably thinking as you listen to this. Broadcasts are probably the same things that I had in my head as well.

That’s how I started. And I pushed through those boundaries and I created my own live show, framed it, just like a daytime talk show. And from there built up, my confidence got more comfortable in front of the camera, grew my audience online and had built a community that was showing up. Every day. Cause I went live five days a week to watch my show, to connect with me, to help support me and my business.

And that’s how I got some of my biggest clients. And that’s how I was able to really push through. Those boundaries and those fears. And it wasn’t until right before the pandemic where I realized this is what I need to be teaching others. I was having a higher calling from just doing the tech stuff, you know, websites and tech support.

I was having this higher calling for. Being able to help people just like me create their live shows and be able to use live streaming a video to actually make their marketing efforts online, easier, more simple, and more effective because content creation in general can be very challenging, especially when you’re trying to put things out on social media.

Especially if you’re a busy professional and you’re not used to the tech, you know, there are so many of us that aren’t techie and that’s always been my thing is that I always want to make sure no one gets held back by the tech. It’s there to empower us and it’s there to help us show up and deliver our information and engage.

And those are the three keys to success really in life. And in business, you got to show up. You got to deliver and you have to engage. If you don’t do all three of those things in that order, then. You’re not really going to have much to go off of. And so that’s what I have always taught my clients and worked with others around.

And also that is what’s built into what I call The Live Advantage, which is my five-step framework that I walk clients through in helping them create their live shows and more importantly, create a video marketing system that allows them to easily show up. Deliver and engage with their audience no matter where they’re at online, a hundred percent, man.

Wow. It takes. It takes a lot of courage to get from behind the camera in front of it. Right. And it is weird and it is weird, you know, it’s like, dude, like I’m on camera. That’s weird. I got that one. I remember him going on camera for the first time. I couldn’t listen to it. I would like, as soon as I hear like, Hey, I would just put it on mute, put it down and I’ll be like, that’s just weird.

Right? Yeah. But you know, Yeah. Yeah, it is. And we all go through that and I will tell you if you don’t get nervous about being on camera and being live, then. There’s something else going on because everyone even seasoned professionals still get those butterflies in your system. Still get that like nervous, but excited energy.

So just know that when you have that you’re normal and it, and it’s awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that, man. I love you. You brought it up just briefly, right? So it’s. Show up and then the liver and then engage. Like, would you be able to just walk us through that and just show us, you know, how do we show up?

How do we show up for video? Yeah, definitely. You know, I have it in that specific order because it all starts with you. You have to show up in whatever it is you’re doing. So even if you’re not at video, yet keyword is yet because you’re going to be after this. Is that okay? You have to show up because you’re the one who is either starting or joining a conversation.

And when we think about social media specifically, because that’s where everyone hangs out and that’s where we get our information. These days, social media started out as join the conversation on Facebook, join the conversation on Twitter, and then somehow along the way it became follow. And. If you think about it, that’s not really engaging, right?

I mean, sure. I can follow you to get updates and stuff, but that’s not really welcoming people into a conversation. That’s just saying, Hey, I’m cool. You should be following me. So we have to step back and understand that when it comes to marketing and when it comes to showing up online through social media, we have to be able to.

Either start or join a conversation. And once we do that, because that’s what we can control. Once we do that, then we can deliver that information, whatever it is, our expertise showcasing something teaching something just excited about something that we created or that a friend of ours created or a fellow colleague.

Once we do those two things. Then we can actually go into the engagement part. And before I jump into the engagement part, just to mention that you have to think about what is it that you can control. Because at the end of the day, we don’t control Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, we can’t control the algorithms and how they show our posts to people.

And all of that. Yes, we can complain about it, but that’s not going to help anything. That’s just not in our control. What is in our control is showing up as ourselves, delivering something of value that we are either creating or that someone else has created that we want to highlight. And then, and only then.

Can we get to that third stage, which is engagement. Now that can only happen if you do the first two things. And once you do those first two things and get to that engagement stage, that’s where the money can be made. That’s where the relationships can be built. That’s where your lead generation can grow and expand.

Because when we have a conversation, everything starts to open up. Doors start to open whether it’s a sale, a collaboration or a speaking opportunity, like the possibilities are endless, which is why when it comes to live streaming, I always say the magic happens in the comments because that is where.

You’re going to have those conversations. You can do it through a live broadcast, depending on how you structure your live videos, but really it, most people catch the replay and you’re going to want to go back to those comments and engage with people because they took time out of their day. To show you some love.

So it’s only fair and it’s only right for you to take a few seconds out of your day to go back and follow up with as many people as you can. I know we’re all busy and sometimes we don’t get those notifications and whatnot, but at least do your part and try to return the favor. No solidly said, man, like it just reminds me of a, like a Gary V quote, where he’s just like so many people are you know, trying to get the next lead.

Right. But they failed to follow up with the people that actually listened to their BS and a nicer word that that’s what Gary. And it just always stuck with me. It’s like, yeah, man, there are people following you. There are people that are loving on you and commenting. It’s just that you’re not acknowledging that, you know, you’re so busy trying to go onto the next thing.

But, you know you know, fortune is in the followup constantly, constantly. Fortune is in the follow-up. And just want to talk about showing up, like, what are some of the maybe challenges that maybe some of your previous clients had, or that your clients face before getting really confident, getting really clear on camera?

What, like, what did that kind of look like? Like what. Yeah, definitely. Most of the time it comes to basically these two are our big ones. One is I don’t have time. So time is a really big issue and I get it. We’re all busy and. We may think that we don’t have time because when we hear certain words like social media or video marketing or going live or live broadcasting, they can trigger memories or they can trigger ideas of what we think that entails.

Right. So when we think about video production work in general, that can automatically go. Back a ways in time where you have to. Plan out a whole entire day to have the film crew come out to have the right cameras, the lights, the scripts, the, the, the place to actually film that. And it’s an entire day full of a lot of people, a lot of resources, including.

Money and energy and time. And while that’s still couldn’t be the case in certain situations, that’s no longer the actual facts like with live streaming, you can actually cut all of that down to a very, very small investment of your time, money, and energy. So really think about. What triggers you when you hear like, Oh, I don’t have time or video marketing or live or whatever the keywords are.

What are you thinking about and ask yourself if you can step back for a second to think a little differently and to question, is that really the only way. And so that’s what I like to first debunk. If you will, is that we do have the time, especially when it comes to live streaming, because it is so much easier to pick up your device and go live about a certain topic versus trying to figure out how to perfectly create that Instagram post and put it into your scheduler.

I know it sounds crazy, but it is so true. And one of the first things I actually work on with my clients is what I call a time audit, because I know that that’s one of the first things that. We’re going to run into and we have to make sure that we get that out of the way. And oftentimes once we do that time on it, they discover that they’ve gotten at least a couple hours back in their week because they’ve gone through that exercise.

And so first we work on time audit. Well, that’s one of the questions that come up all the time is I don’t have time. So we work on that part. Another is, I don’t know what to talk about. This is a big one, because it can be very overwhelming. Thinking about what to talk about, and this isn’t even just live.

This could be just for regular posts too, but when it comes to live going live and using live streaming to share your message with the world, share your voice with the world is what do I talk about? I don’t want to sound dumb. I don’t, I don’t want to say the wrong thing. You know, I don’t want something to happen.

And then I don’t know what to do. And so. Really it’s thinking about the things that you know, that you’re an expert in, that you love to talk about, that you love to share, that people are complimenting you on all the time. It’s taking the content that’s part of your world. And being able to lay that out, you know, inside of my program, I actually work with my clients on building that piece out and helping them with creating their episodes.

You know, in the beginning of this episode, I mentioned that word and why I say episodes is because the way I look at live streaming and always have been, as I mentioned in the beginning of this as well, is that it’s a TV show. It’s our own live TV show. And every time we go live, it’s an episode. And when you think about that, it makes it fun for you.

It makes it fun for your audience. And here’s the thing. The networks all want you to think like this. They want you to be prepared for what they’re continuously rolling out as live stream has developed and has been rolling out to all the major platforms. This is what they’re trying to push. They want episodic content from us.

And so that’s the beauty of what I get to do every day and help clients with is being able to help them create their live shows so that they know what to talk about so that they know when they have the time to go live and to be able to really step in front of that camera more comfortably and confidently knowing what they’re going to deliver to, to the today, to their audience.

Hmm. Yeah, man, a lot of great sound bites, you know, like the time audit, like I don’t have time and I think we spend a lot more time thinking about what we’re going to say instead of taking the action to really, really film in. Right. And, you know, sometimes even with the content, right? Like I’ll I remember before I would usually get stuck.

And I would just like, just blabber. Right. And I would be like, nobody wants to hear this and I would want to delete it. But then like, you know, like at the 11th hour there’ll be like someone like, wow, that really helped me. I’m like, cool. All right. That delivers value, you know? And it really just shows the authenticity of the person.

Right. So it just helps you with that connection. Awesome. So, we covered showing up the deliverables out. What was the last step engagement? So that’s the big one is again, you can go through all of the work, but if you don’t do that, the follow-up that, that engagement piece. It’s almost like nothing else counts because again, everything develops through that conversation.

And while many of us are used to having a conversation with a person it’s. Something that we have to get better at doing online the comments, through our live streams, through our social posts, through the private messages slash DMS direct messages. For those who don’t know, that’s the term we use on Instagram, it’s something that we have to get better at.

And why, why I love live streaming is. It really helps bridge the gap between in-person and online. It’s really the next best thing to being in person, in my opinion, because you get to show up wherever you want in terms of your location, where you’re going to go live from as well as the location you’re streaming to whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, wherever, and.

You get to do that in the comfort of wherever you show up there, and then you’re putting your message out there and inviting people in the beauty of live streaming is we don’t know who’s going to tune in, more importantly, we don’t know who’s actually going to watch that because you can have people tune in live, but.

Like I said, most people catch the replay and unless they actually comment like, or share their posts, you’re not going to know that they actually tune in. So I call these our secret followers and we all have them. And here’s the thing. The majority of your audience is a secret follower. They’re going to watch your content.

They’re going to listen to your voice. They’re going to get ideas. They’re going to be inspired. They’re going to take action. And most of the time, they’re probably not going to let you know every so often you’ll get in those zones where you’re thinking, man, is this even working? And then boom, a notification pops up.

It could be a text, could be a Facebook message, could be a call, could be an email. Somebody pops up and it says, Hey, I appreciate what you shared with us. I appreciate that live. You did. I really learned a lot from this, you know, the other day I did my live show and. I had somebody from one of my Facebook group Taylor who had tuned in and I was, you know, of course appreciative and, and told her in the comments.

And I actually thought that my life was a little rough, you know? Cause it’s in my head, it’s it came out fine on video. But in my head, I thought, man, I could have done a little bit better. I was a little rough on that one. And then today I saw that she posted. Sharing how I inspired her to go live and how the message that I gave yesterday in my live stream really, really got her energized and pumped.

And it was a beautiful thing. Now that doesn’t always happen when you get to see that reaction or hear that reaction. But. I want you to understand that that’s why we do this. This is why we show up online. Why we post on social media, why we go live because we never know who’s going to get, receive this message.

We never know where it’s going to end up. And while that could be a scary thing, it’s very exciting. And we have to understand that it only takes one person. To see our posts to see our live, to hear our life. And so we have to get away from all of these vanity metrics. We call it the, all the likes and the views and, and all the people that we want to see this.

And if we don’t get to that hundred or a thousand or million Mark, for people who are following us or viewing this, we get down and out. No. Why, why set yourself up for that disappointment? Instead, and this is a big one. This is something I teach my clients. So make sure that you are making note of this instead.

What I want you to think about is no one is going to show up. You’re still going to go live and do your part because that’s what you can control. You’re going to show up, you’re going to deliver your information. It’s out there. And when people engage, boom. Now you get to engage with them. And when we look at it, that way, that creates that positive energy versus the reverse, which is going to be more of negative energy because we put a bar up here for, for a number that we don’t even know what that really means, because if you get a hundred views or you get a hundred followers, what does that mean?

What’s that going to do for you? Unless they’re engaging. And reaching out, it does nothing. So really try to take a step back. And I know that it’s a lot of pressure from the, from the social networks and from, you know, everyone we see online, there’s that comparison game. Just try to take a step back and remember that you have to do what you can control.

You have to show up, you have to deliver and. Only after you do those two things, can, other things fall into place, your connections, your collaborations, your creations, your, your sales, your leads, like that’s where everything comes together. But no, one’s going to know about you if you, if you don’t show up.

So that’s why I love live streaming and that’s actually why I continue to do it and why I am so passionate about teaching others because it is such a powerful. Way to connect with your audience. And in fact, when it comes to real estate, over 70% of homeowners are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video than one that doesn’t.

And yet only less than 10%, it was really more like 9%, but we’ll, we’ll give it an extra percent, less than 10% of recent sellers said that their agent used video to market their property effectively. It’s like, we’re in 2021. We have gone through, I mean, we’re still in a pandemic, but we’ve gone through like the initial shock of like, wow, we need to make sure we’re online.

We need to use video, even though video has been around forever, but the pandemic should have been like, Hey, you gotta get on camera. You gotta get good at this. And we’re still here in 2021. Not using video, not going live, like why we, we, we got to fix that because that is how you’re going to grow online.

And that’s how you’re going to stand out. And I know Thomas, we were talking about this earlier is that somebody had asked me recently a friend of mine had asked me about. Why I do what I do and why I’m now expanding into helping real estate agents. And I thought what a brilliant question and my response was simply that what you can do is think about how somebody that you see over and over, whether it’s a flyer, a business card, a, a name that you hear in normal marketing efforts.

When you see that over and over. You think, well, they must be the right person to list with. They must be the right agent to connect with. And so you go with them, but maybe once you start working with them, you realize they’re not the best fit for you. And maybe Sally up the road was better, but you didn’t know about Sally because Sally didn’t post anything.

She didn’t share anything. Right. And so now Sally doesn’t have that business. And now you’re kind of stuck with, with someone that doesn’t fit with well, with you versus if Sally was going live continuously and showcasing what she does, how she helps her clients, what she’s doing with the, within the community, and being able to take you with her on her journey as a real estate agent.

Now. You already know, like, and trust Sally, and you’ve never met her. It brought that flyer, that business card has been brought to life. And now, you know, Sally, so you know that she’s the first person whom you’re going to go to. You also know she’s the first person you’re going to recommend. And then everyone within that community knows Sally more so than let’s say, Tom, Because Tom just had the flyer and he, Oh, sorry.

I just want to make making up names. More so than Larry, we’ll just say Larry. No offense, if there’s any Larry’s out there or Sally’s. But we’ll say, Larry, who was just doing the flyers and the business cards. Right. We have to know we have to get used to, I should say brain what we have done in the past.

To life online. And how do we do that? We go live and we invite people into our world and live streaming is not just for social media. What I teach is how to start there, but then also bring that to other areas of your marketing efforts, such as your website, your email list. And that way you can really start to incorporate, like we said, at the beginning, this marketing system, that’s based off of video and allowing you to add more of your personality to your business.

And we know that people buy from people. So why wouldn’t you want to do that? And you know, it just brings me up for a question of like, The ROI of life, right? How much does a live cost? Yeah. That would be $0 instead of spending thousands of dollars sending out those flyers. Right. Because you have to, you have to make it, you have to approve all the designs.

You have to make sure that it’s with compliance and then you have to mail them. Right. And what I think it’s like nearly 50 cents a postcard to send out and. Like the other thing is you don’t really have key metrics off of that. Right. You’re just, you’re just blasting one, one, one particular space or maybe expires or maybe like fisbos.

But the thing is it’s, you know, that, that, that could cost thousands of dollars versus something that’s free. Yeah. And the other beautiful part is like instead of going door knocking, like each by each door, Now you got to kind of scale it out right now. You kind of get to see like all those secret viewers, right.

They are always following you, but just aren’t saying anything. Right. You know, it just, it just, it makes so much sense to go live and do a video. Yeah. And that’s the beauty of it too. You know you brought up some great points. There is that. Anybody can still do their traditional marketing efforts.

That’s fine. But we want to amplify that. We want to bring you up to speed here with the tech. We want to get you into a more effective system that could work in a hand in hand with what you already have. And. No, that video is where it’s at, and specifically live video reaches, more people, and more people are willing to tune into live video versus prerecorded, which prerecorded just means you created a video that then you upload somewhere.

And we also have to understand that the statistics out there, the data shows that. Live video and including video in your marketing efforts are a must these days. And you know, I love data. So I’m just going to share a couple of things real quick is that video on a landing page can increase your conversions by 80% or more.

So you might have a listing. And if you add a video to that page, boom. You’re right there. And more specifically, if you add a live video, because here’s the thing when it comes to live, it’s not supposed to be pre-recorded, scripted all the perfect, you know, outfits and lighting and structure. It can be don’t get me wrong, but it can be a little bit rawer and a little bit rough around the edges.

And here’s the thing. People love that. They love that. And so remember that it doesn’t have to be that video production work that you were thinking, you know, from a few years ago where it’s going to take a full day and take a ton of people and money and equipment. No, it doesn’t have to be another stat that I want to share with you also is that initial emails with a video receive an increased click-through rate by 96%.

So if you’re getting your email lists and you’re blasting people out with email, listen, you throw in a live video where I get to see and hear and feel your energy. Just like you get to feel mine right now. Woo. I am going to be so much more inclined to connect with you, whether it’s through that email or on social or whatnot.

Then if you just sent me, an email that said, you know, The latest listing is up over on Monroe Avenue. Be sure to check it out this Sunday from nine to six, I mean, okay. That it’s like everyone else, how am I going to stay? How are you going to stand out? You know, again, we have to work on how can you market differently?

That’s, that’s a key market differently. And so this is how you can do that. And I see that Taylor joined us live. We were just talking about you, Taylor. Thank you so much. Awesome. And looks like Gabriel is also tuning in. Thanks. Thanks for showing in just want to like, you know, they’re there, it’s people love to see the behind the scenes.

Right. And like the thing that always, I always find fun. And other realtors always find fun when they do it is like they had the professional team taking the photos of the house. Right. So, so that they could get it listed. But, you know, some of them hire, hire production companies to do the video, as well as do photography.

But it’s really cool when the realtors show what’s going on behind the scenes with the live video. Right. And then that’s kind of like a preview of what’s going to be happening. Right. And once that listing goes live with all the professional photography with all the professional video, and it’s like, dude, I got to see what.

How that was made, right. It just creates a really neat experience. Right. Versus, Oh, like this is a home and we’ll show you the drone footage going in and out maybe going, flying through the house. But having that personal touch, like right before it, just like, creates that excitement. It creates like, just that You know, just you get a sneak peek and like, you feel like a VIP behind it for some reason.

I don’t know. It’s true. And, and you brought whoops, as you can see, I just threw the headphones up there. But that’s the beauty of it is that you, you said experience and personal touch. So let’s think about when you’re at a home and you’re preparing to get it listed or show it, I should say.

What are you doing to make the home feel a little bit cozier to make it feel a little bit more welcoming, right? Maybe you’re baking cookies. Maybe, maybe you’re lighting a certain candle with a fragrance. Maybe you’re providing water. Maybe it’s, maybe it’s champagne. Maybe it’s a mimosa like you’re doing something already to make that an experience for your potential clients.

Now that only happens though. For those who actually show up, what, if you can bring that experience online to people who haven’t even thought about you or that listing. And now they’re seeing that behind the scenes and like, Oh, well maybe this Sunday, we’ll just go out for a stroll and just, we’ll just take a peek.

We’re not buying, but we just want to take a peak. And then they get to see the place and they get to experience what it’s like if they were to work with you. And we know that once people start looking, chances are they’re going to start asking questions. And then that leads to, that conversation that we talked about.

And then that’s where connections are made. Whether or not they buy that moment. That’s not what we really care about. I mean, obviously, we want a paycheck and everything, but what we’re really concerned about is getting people’s attention and having a conversation with them. Because once we have the conversation with them, then we open up the discussion for a decision, a decision for them to either want to learn more and work with us or.

Not right now, but Hey, you’re on my radar and now you have someone to follow up with. So really think about that and know that anyone can do this and you will do this and it will make you stand out. Not only within your little circle. This may be a big circle, I’m just saying but within your circle, but also within your community and within a new audience online, once you start building that up.

So it, it’s a beautiful thing when you start going live and when you can embrace video marketing and take this approach that I, that I provide with The Live Advantage framework because it really does make a huge difference both personally, as well as professionally. Awesome. So just walk us through, what, what would you walk away with at the end of your program?

So we’ve, we’ve, you’ve taught us, we’re confident we’ve done our videos. What do we come away with? Usually? Yeah. So inside of the real estate agents go live program, where I teach the five-step framework, we go through a process to really help you nail everything down so that. By the end of the program, you not only have the skills and the knowledge of what to do and how to do it, but you’re also going live.

And you’re also going to have what I call season one of your live show. That’s 10 solid episodes that you’re going to walk away with knowing what you’re going to talk about and how you’re going to show up with that information and what that call to action within those episodes is going to be. And so you’re basically going to get the entire plate full of what to do, how to do it.

You’re actually going to do it. This, this web built this program for is that it’s not just information. That hopefully someday you’ll implement, it’s actually sized pieces of information that you’re going to implement. And part of that incentive for you to do that is that I actually will look at your first three live video episodes and give you direct feedback.

So, therefore, before you ended up in the program, you’re actually going to be going live and then get that feedback from it. And then again, you’ll have all 10 episodes laid out, right? And have the framework to continue, however you choose to move forward. But 10 episodes is a good amount for a season, one B.

And the reason I have it in that TV framework again is that it makes it manageable for us. It allows us to understand that we’re not going live for the rest of our life because that can be daunting. It’s really a manageable thing. And when we look at TV shows, We can compare the same thing with.

Seasons usually tend to be 12 or sorry, 10 to 13 episodes. And so 10 is just right because that’s basically 10 weeks of content if you’re going live once a week. So that, that’s what you get to walk away with is the tools, the skills, the knowledge, the actual implementation, because that’s what I’m really, really big on.

And that’s what I’ve built this program for is to actually implement. Not just to learn something cool. And to actually walk away with knowing what you’re going to be talking about for the next 10 years. Hmm. Got it. And is this across all the platforms or is it just across just. Ones that you could go live in.

Yeah. Great question. So I actually have a unique stance on this, where I start with Facebook live, whether or not you love or hate. Facebook is not the question. We have to look again at the data and we have to look at it from a business marketing standpoint. And Facebook is still the number one platform.

It still has the most active monthly users, and it still has the most. People checking it multiple times a day. And it also has an easier tool to use for your content creation. However, if you like YouTube or LinkedIn or wherever you’re showing up and they have a live option, you can take what I’ve.

Taught you inside the program and apply it to those platforms. And in fact, I actually show you how to repurpose across multiple channels. So then that way you could do that. If, if you’re really feeling like, you know, a high achiever and you’re like, yes, I want to do this, but I really wanted to start with a solid foundation that sets everyone up for success and allows them to then take that and use it wherever they like to show up.

Awesome. I’m so glad that you mentioned YouTube because that it’s the biggest thing that’s growing. Like the beautiful thing about it is like I have a couple of stories about it, of how it’s been so successful, especially for realtors, right? Cause correct me if I’m wrong. But I know, I believe that YouTube is the second.

Most active platform after Facebook. Yeah. And they have the most for video uploads. And so to just give everyone again, some insight on the social is that we have to look at the social platforms and see what do they want from us. And when we look at Facebook, Facebook wants us to go live. So we check that box and then.

In the program. I actually have training on how to upload to YouTube, how to add into that. And in fact, I’m actually going to have guest expert training as well around YouTube. Is that when we look at YouTube, they want us to upload videos. Yes, they have live streaming, but they’re really about uploading video.

So again, when we take a step back and we look at from a business standpoint and a marketing strategy, where do we want to show up and what do they want from us? And so I’ve paved that way for people and showing them how to start with a Facebook live, but then repurpose that on different platforms based on what they want and need from us.

Awesome. And like with YouTube some of my peers that, that have been using it, right, like they made these videos like three years ago. Right. The thing is they started just answering simple questions about the community. And I’m like the biggest tip that you have for YouTube, especially if a realtor is having the keyword or title saying lived living in.

The specific town or moving to the specific town. Right. By having that, it grabs that keyword of people that want to know that community. And the reason why I bring that up this up is I was like that, that sounds so simple, but we don’t think that way when we’re searching for stuff. Right. Yeah. And the guy who told me this, he’s like, dude this is the weirdest thing.

Like I posted this YouTube video up. About three years ago. And all of a sudden I got an email of saying, I’d like, I saw your video. I like what you do. And you look really professional and I’d like to buy a house in that area and I’d like to submit an offer. So. They gave all the paperwork, right? This whole conversation is going through email.

And so they submitted the pre-approval. They submitted the paperwork for proof of funds and they submitted the offer and it was accepted. Right. And the guy’s telling me, he’s like, I haven’t talked to this person on the phone. I haven’t talked to this person in face to face nor have I talked to them in zoom.

And we’re scheduled to close on this particular property. It’s nuts. So it’s like setting yourself as your home hype man, maybe like three years ago that has this evergreen effect that constantly people will search for it. Look for. At their own leisurely time. Right. So it’s not like you’re spending time and constantly coming up with the content over and over and over, but it’s kind of like set it and forget it.

Yes. Right, exactly. And that, I love that you bring up that example because that’s something that we all have to understand because you know, with social media in general, we feel like the minute we post something we’re supposed to instantly get, you know, the, all the love and the shares and the comments and the leads and the sales.

Yes, that could happen, but oftentimes that’s not how it works. And so we have to think about the long game here. And so when we are using video, if we’re using live video, we’re hitting two areas, we’re hitting at the moment, that real-time effect. And then. We’re hitting that prerecorded, that long game effect because the videos live on, unless you delete them, which I don’t recommend doing.

So the platform continues to push that out. So now if we’ve gone live on Facebook, we’ve hit a live audience. We’ve hit, a replay audience. So the prerecorded stays on and then if we’re sharing it elsewhere, We’ve hit that over to YouTube and YouTube. We all know. Or if you don’t know, you will, is that that’s for the long game too, and that’s going to continuously push that out.

So we have to remember that when we show up for our audience with a live broadcast, we are building that know like trust factor quicker than any other way possible. And it allows us to be a part of other people’s lives. And not even know it. I mean, think about, think about your favorite TV show and how, you know, each character.

And sometimes you feel like you’re sitting at the table with them and sometimes you feel like that is your world. That’s what happens when you go live and you do it consistently. And so. Sure you maybe never met, you know, Ross or Monica from friends, but you feel like you did and you feel like they’re, they’re your neighbors.

And so if you saw them in real life, you would act like you guys have been hanging out for years and they would just be like, Hey Hi, ed I Thomas. Cool. I mean, that’s what happens that, that happened to me locally when I was working at the nonprofit helping them with their live streams is that I had people coming up to me at the event on the event days, and they’re shouting my name and saying hello, and they’re super excited to see me.

I felt like a rock star because I was like, what? Like, I don’t know these people, but they had known me from. Showing up live and watching my broadcast every time. I didn’t know they were doing that at the time, but they sure made me know them in person when we had that opportunity. And so that’s what I love about live streaming is, is that what I call the live effect and that’s where something like that in person happens.

And it’s, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Awesome. You, you dropped so many bombs and golden nuggets today. Thank you so much. Like where can the audience learn more about you? Where can they find you? You know, w how can they find more information about the program? Yeah. So if anybody would like to learn more, you can go directly to EdTroxell.com/video-marketingΒ and that will be available there for you.

And we’ll just pop that up on the screen there. And so real estate agents go live.com has all the info about the program. There’s a little welcome video there for you, and you also have an option to do start a chat with me and say, hello, even if you’re just stopping by. Say hello, start a chat. And let me know that you saw the live stream.

I would love to connect with you and also have a special giveaway for those who are interested. It’s a one-page flyer to help you with your live streaming. If you’re just trying to do DIY just to get started. Cause you’re like, well, I, I kind of want to just test this out on my own. So I have that if you just go to flyers, but let me grab it actually.

Flier dot real estate agents go live.com and put that on here. Awesome, man. Thank you so much for the free gift. Yeah, yeah, for sure. You know, just to get, just to get the quick starts and the quick wins to get the whole video confidence marketing and, and honestly, The best ROI it’s free, but you reached such a massive audience with it.

So, dude, it’s been such a pleasure and such a privilege to share your knowledge with the group. Taylor is saying, wow, awesome. Live. Wow. Wow. This is gold. That so cool. Yes. And dude Love it. Yeah. I, I, I especially love you know, 80% of landing pages will convert with a live video or 96% of emails will have a click-through rate.

If you have a live video in it, you know? Yeah. Bombs right there. Yeah. It’s a beautiful thing. When you go-to lists, you’ll get more listings when you start using video and more specifically live video because you’re going to be that household name. You’re going to be known in the community and that’s, that’s the beauty of life.

Awesome man. So thank you so much.

So thank you so much, Ed, for your time. Reach out to Ed. I’ll also drop his contact information in the comments below so that you could reach out to him directly. If you have any questions regarding this, or if you need help with your live videos with an audit with them, dude. Thank you so much today.

Thank you. Take care, everyone.

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