Get more listings without paying for leads

Learn how to easily create more engaging video content in less time and without all the complicated technology so that you can show up more consistently online and win more local listings in any market with Real Estate Agents Go Live, a 6-week video marketing coaching program. 

Take Advantage of Live Video for Your Real Estate Business

You might not know this but one of the best ways to generate new leads and nurture relationships online is through video – more specifically through live streaming video (think, Facebook Live, Instagram Live).

Introverts, stick with me here because Real Estate Agents Go Live will help you ease into stepping in front of the camera. 

Did you know that over 70% of homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who uses video?

With the integration of live streaming video, you can easily create video that reaches more people and talks directly to your ideal clients. Learn how you can share home buying/selling tips and show your audience why you are the top real estate agent for marketing their property…WITHOUT all the door knocking, cold calling, and paying for overpriced leads.

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I know you are working towards a thriving online real estate business and in order to get there, you need online tools and platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help you grow.

The problem is, posting a “just listed” or a “just sold” photo is not going to cut it anymore especially when these social media platforms prioritize video content (not to mention your audience wants to see something new, something different, something that they can engage with).

The Real Estate Agents Go Live Coaching Program was created to solve that problem specifically for agents like you who want to double down on video; to stand out, be more comfortable on camera, and get more listings.

Yes, tech, social media, and creating video content can be challenging to say the least but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right coach to guide you through it all.  

Let’s fast-track your real estate business success online with live video!

Going live and what it looks like before working with a business coach who specializes in live video
Going live and what it looks like after working with a business coach who specializes in live video

Imagine for a moment what could happen if you pulled out your phone, went live, and knew EXACTLY what to say…what would that do for you and your real estate business?

Now imagine what one live video, in as little as once per week, could do for you and your online reputation.

You see, being able to step in front of the camera and go live is just the start! You checked the box for creating content and now that video lives on and is working for you behind the scenes.

So when you are sleeping or at another open house, that one live video is attracting new potential leads for you – live video allows you to work smarter not harder, and with fewer marketing costs.

Fact: 86% of home shoppers want to find out about a specific community from video marketing.

How to get a website for your small business

Generate More Leads with Live Video

Real estate leads are a hot commodity and can cost you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. The Real Estate Agents Go Live coaching program makes it easy for any agent (yes, even introverts) to create video content on the go – for social media and share it across the board from email to their website.

The program gives you the tools & resources to market yourself more effectively online and grow your personal brand business. Generate more leads in less time, and decrease your lead cost by up to 90% today with live video!

Get More of Your Time Back with Live Video

Stop spending more time on creating standard, boring, “just sold/listed” marketing content than you do on your clients.

Let the Real Estate Agents Go Live show you step-by-step the process of creating video content online that takes less time and has a higher ROI.

Learn how to start going live and create your video content all in one place that can later be used across many digital channels from social media to your website.  Get more leads and save time today with live streaming video!

How to get a website for your small business

Get More Homes Sold using Live Streaming Video

Video marketing is the future of real estate and it’s already here. In fact, all the social networks prefer video over photos and Instagram has announced that they too will be focusing more on video vs traditional photo posts.

Using live streaming video will put you in front of your audience, build up your personal brand online, and is the quickest way for people to know, like, and trust you – WITHOUT ever meeting you in person.

Real estate agents using video are closing more sales, and saving up to 90% on their lead costs! Learn how you can easily start adding live video to your digital marketing efforts today and get more homes sold tomorrow!

Fact: Recent sellers reported that ONLY 10% of their agents effectively used video to market their property. 

Live Video Marketing Rewards

what other professionals have gained from using live streaming video as part of their digital marketing efforts

DeAnna gained 11 new clients and added a dozen new leads to her email list from going live.

Katie created a new revenue stream by going live on Facebook and March was her most profitable month yet!

Midori gained several new clients, got her show onto a tv network & hosted celebrity guests like J. J. Peterson from StoryBrand.

Get Seen & Grow Your Real Estate Business Online

** Filming kit is limited to US Residents only

BY THE END YOU’LL..have the ability to get more leads and sell more houses using live video marketing!


🌟 Learn how to create better videos and how to share them across other social media channels

🌟 Improve your local search visibility on search engine sites like Google & really stand out from other agents

🌟 Make your social media posts have far more of an impact within your local area and anywhere else you may go

All of this and more!

If you aren’t using video in your real estate business to market your properties (and yourself), you’re missing an opportunity that your competitors aren’t going to miss. Don’t get left behind. Embrace video marketing and start going live today!

It’s Time to Use Video & Go Live

1. Book a call

2. Learn how to go live & create videos

3. Attract leads & get more listings

Real Estate Agents Go Live Program Breakdown

based on The Live Advantage Framework

WEEK 1: Development

Learn how to mentally prepare yourself for going live and where to find the time to even go live.

WEEK 2: Pre-Production

Go from being unprepared and not knowing what to do in front of the camera to knowing exactly what you will talk about live and how you will appear on camera.

WEEK 3: Production

Here is where the real magic takes please and where you will learn EXACTLY how to go live so that you can double down on video and grow your business online. 

WEEK 4: Post-Production

Now that you’ve gone live and created some video content it’s time to learn how to edit your post.

WEEK 5: Distribution

Learn how to maximize your exposure online by repurposing (sharing) your live videos in other places where your audience shows up (website, email list, other social media platforms). 

It’s time to get ahead of the curve and start going live

Ed Troxell, Owner of Ed Troxell Creative offering Tech Support and Business Coaching.

👋 Hi, I’m Ed Troxell! Nice to meet you!

For over 5 years I’ve been helping online professionals with their digital marketing needs – tap into going live (live streaming video) so they can break through the noise online and open up more possibilities for their business.

Inside Real Estate Agents Go Live I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how to go live – showing you what to do and how to do it, step by step. I will be walking you through the entire process, from A to Z, so that you can quickly build up your real estate business online and grow your personal brand through video – after all, YOU are the go-to real estate agent in your area right? 

Forget what you think you know about video marketing and creating videos

By the way, what I teach you can be applied to any social media network and the skillset you’ll learn will carry over into any pre-recorded video work that you do in the future as well as over to in-person public speaking events.

Grow your Real Estate business online with Live Video

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