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10 Success Habits Of Top Performers In Real Estate

  • Be Motivated Every Day
  • Be Consistent In Your Habits
  • Establish Clear, Actionable Goals
  • Maintain An Online Presence
  • Understand Your Target Audience
  • Stay Informed About The Industry
  • Become A Social Agent on social media
  • Be Accountable And Transparent In Your Communications
  • Allocate Your Resources Effectively
  • Go The Extra Mile

Agents Toolbox


Video Gear & Software


  • Video chat app for websites, emails, and more – Check out Tolstoy (I use it here on my site)
  • Zoom: Easy video conferencing
  • Live streaming: Melon makes it so easy to stream live to multiple places at once!
  • Video uploading: Vimeo for saving all your videos (way better than YouTube)
  • Video editing: InShot an app that makes editing your videos on the go easy
  • Online Video Editors

What do you need to get started: 

  • Fairly new iPhone (preferred) or Android
  • Ring light (extra light does wonder)
  • Microphone (optional & you can use the one that is built-in to your headphones)
  • Selfie stick tripod (so you don’t have to hold your phone all the time)
  • A social media account (ideally on all of these channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and for some…TikTok)


  • List out your ideas
    • Ask yourself: What do people always ask me (or ask those in my industry) about?
  • Pick 1 to run with
  • Plan out what you want to say & where you want to send people after they watch the video
  • Find a place to record your video
  • Record your video now, worry about posting it later





Scheduling tools:


Accounts to check out for ideas: 

For agents specifically

Additional Resources

Stop chasing, start attracting with video

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