Ed Talk TV: Realistic social media management with special guest Kerry Quirk Rego from Kerry Rego Consulting from #SonomaCounty

In this episode, we talk about how you can start getting organized, how to create an editorial calendar, and how to easily keep track of your social media profiles as well as keep track of your stats. This episode is jam-packed with lots of great information from Kerry Rego Consulting – heads up, Kerry even gave us some content that she normally charges for so you’re welcome 😉

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One question that I wanted to also share here:

What are the best, least expensive tools for syndicated posting? (For non-techies to use ‘cause I still have PWPTS – post WordPress trauma syndrome 😬)
I use a variety of tools that do different things. There is no one tool to rule them all, you’ll always need a mixture.
Buffer is free and allows scheduling into the future. I use Hootsuite because it allows me to post further out into the future than Buffer. But that one costs $9.99 per month.
There are several others that I haven’t used but are widely accepted such as Sprout Social, Post Planner, and Later I use dlvr.it to auto-schedule brand new posts to LinkedIn in addition to the push through you can use from the back-end of WordPress.


I use Facebook Scheduler to do FB posts because there’s really no better way. Instagram doesn’t truly let you schedule so that’s manual even if you are using a planner to hold your draft content.


Your homework: By this time next week you will list out all your social media profiles.
Open a spreadsheet (Google Sheets works) and list out each profile including the URL (link) for easy updating later for your bio
I just did this and added it to my calendar because otherwise, I wouldn’t do it each month, ha!
Each month now, the 4th Friday my calendar will remind me to check my stats. To save time I added a link to my Google Doc in the notes section of my calendar appointment 😁
Remember to tag me and either comment here or just comment on my page when you’ve completed this 🤓

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