Reframe It! Mindset Motivation Podcast with host Erica R. Maier interviews Facebook Live Consultant & Producer Ed Troxell



IMPORTANT NOTE: This interview was recorded on April 28. Please keep this context in mind when listening.

I am so happy to bring you the second of four guest interviews I conducted in late April/early May. This week, we shine the spotlight on my good friend, Ed Troxell.

Ed is a Facebook Live Producer and the guy who makes tech stupid easy! He helps small business owners overcome their tech challenges as well as their stage fright so that they can show up for their audience online and grow their business without adding more to their plates.

Whether you are a business owner or not, I am certain you can apply Ed’s nuggets of wisdom to your everyday life!

Curious about how you can best leverage Facebook Live for your business? Ed’s new signature program — Coaches Go Live (formally known as Business Gone Live) — teaches business owners how to use Facebook Live to market their services online so they can increase their visibility and generate more sales.  

Connect with Ed:

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