Leave Ed a Review

Step 1: Watch video

Watch this short video to learn how to leave me a review. If you need a template to spark ideas and work off of, see below:

Write a review template 1

Answer the following questions:

1. What was happening before you reached out to me?

2. What was your biggest objection (and what made you look past it)?

3. What was your experience like while you were working with me?

4. What was the measurable outcome of our work together?

5. Why should someone else choose to work with me?

Write a review template 2

“Hi this is [your name]. I worked with Ed Troxell when I decided that I needed help with [struggle/challenge] [and then a sentence or 2 that shares your feedback on the experience and the solution that I solved for you].”

Step 2: Leave a review

Watch the video and choose an option that will appear on your screen. Or Write a review directly on Google here

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