By now, if you are part of the live streaming community, you’ve probably heard the news that Katch.me is shutting down. Yes, the popular site that made saving Periscope broadcasts for later super easy will no longer be available starting tomorrow, April 22nd. You can read all about the news here. Let’s look at the ways you can save your live streaming broadcast videos starting today!

Whether you are just starting out in live streaming or have been doing it for some time now below is a Periscope broadcast I did this morning talking about the ways you can save your live streaming broadcasts (Periscope & Facebook Live) for using later.


Great advice Ed, but why do I want to save all these videos?

Great question! I’m glad you asked! The reason you want to save your live streaming broadcast videos is so that you can repurpose them later should you choose to. Think about it, a 10 minute live streaming broadcast video can provide you with several 15, 30 or 60 second clips that you can share on other platforms such as your website (like I did with the video above) or other social networks. Find out more about broadcasting tips and repurposing Periscopes here.

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