In this session we brought on our co-host Ciara to talk about staying motivated when you (a stay at home mom or dad, entrepreneur, etc.) are creating your own schedule. You set the rules for how your day is going to look from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed. We go over ways you can help stay motivated by:

  • Creating a To-Do list
  • Making a routine
  • Narrowing down which Social Media sites you are going to focus on and kill it on those. You do not have to be on all of them. Focus on nailing it at 1 or 2 social sites.
  • Keeping electronics out of the bedroom
    • Bouns tip: This not only helps you but will also help your relationship if you are in one.
We also talked about #ScopeSchool, what that is, how I started it and what the process looks like for each scope. Which you will see below what Scope School is. We also covered the new Periscope updates which came out today!
  • What is #ScopeSchool? I started Scope School shortly after joining Periscope. It is a place for you, the viewer, to go and catch all my replays from Periscope. In addition to the replay you will discover any resources we talk about as well as post any questions you had that maybe we didn’t get to.
  • Periscope update:
    • Record live in landscape view
    • Share on Facebook
    • See when someone shares your broadcast
    • Accessibility in supporting VoiceOver users

Resources covered

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