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I was recently in San Diego where I had the chance to meet my good friend Nicole Walters and a few of our “rich friends.” For those who don’t know, Nicole Walters has built an online community of what she calls her rich friends. We are an active community helping each other start and build multiple streams of income.

So when I met up with Nicole and our other rich friends I came prepared with my 3-in-one selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote. This awesome gadget has everything one would need, and almost everything I would want in a gadget like this – of course I have an idea of how this could be even better, but I will be keeping that to myself for now (it could be a top seller and one that would get plenty of knockoffs that’s for sure).

First off, when I was looking for selfie sticks I found many that were just ok.

In fact, I had a cheap one from Target that was $5, but I hate holding it. I’m Italian and I use my hands to talk so I needed something else. 


This gadget is a must-have for anyone looking to do live broadcasting on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, etc. It is also great for the average person just wanting to take selfies whether by yourself or in a group. Here’s why:

  1. The actual device is solid! It has some weight to it which means it’s not going to break easily and it will last longer than those other cheap selfie sticks
  2. It has an adjustable clip for your phone that fits an iPhone 7 plus just fine. You could totally remove this clip and add another one for your iPad if you wanted
  3. The adjustable head allows you to easily tilt the phone to get just the right angle
  4. You can use as a monopod (just holding it as is)
  5. You can extend it out to be a true selfie stick (to about 2.5 feet)
  6. You can also use it as a tripod so you can get a nice picture of the whole group without getting only half your arm in the photo
  7. It also has (are you ready for this?) a Bluetooth remote that can stay attached to one of the tripod legs so you don’t lose it

This gadget is everything you need in one, really affordable device.

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