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Whether you want to learn how to create video content (using your phone) to organically market your business online or simply get your business organized so it can run like a well oiled machine…

At Ed Troxell Creative we have you covered with simple, effective, solutions that help you drive more business with ease and make a greater impact online.

Real estate agent learning about video marketing

“I have found Ed to be very knowledgeable and approachable. He makes it easy to understand the process and makes it feel “doable!” We have been able to collaborate on a couple of things and it has been a pleasure working with him.” – Rhonda Lowe

Services to support agents & solopreneurs

Ed Troxell Creative provides digital marketing solutions for small business owners and real estate agents specializing in live streaming video

The Video Advantage

Learn how to create video using your phone that you can easily share online to attract more of your ideal clientele. Training includes TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more! We breakdown all the mindset and technical barriers that are holding you back from recording your video content.

Ed Troxell Creative provides small business consulting

Get It Started Accountability

Helping you stay accountable to your business goals each week. We meet with you on a weekly basis to make sure you stay focused on your goals and overcome any challenges that arise + get those creative juices flowing with content ideas you can actually implement today!

small business tech support made easy

Talk Through It Community

A one-stop shop for solopreneurs looking to grow their business and escape the overwhelm of everyday business challenges. We have you covered with personalized guidance, quick solutions, a video-first approach to marketing your business, and a community of like-minded solopreneurs to help each other out.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me grow my business online?

It depends. It depends on your business, whether or not we actually work together, and whether or not you are willing to do the work.

We have helped our clients discover, learn, and implement simple solutions that drive more business while removing the hassle, cost, and complexities of running an online business.

We meet our clients where they are with their current business challenges. Then we help them get caught up so they can stop being left behind.

Here are some things we can help you with:

  • Startup
  • Building a website/website updates
  • Starting an email list
  • Figuring out social media and how to use it
  • Live streaming video
  • Engagement marketing
  • Creating video content
  • Project management
  • Tech stack & figuring out the best tech for your business needs
  • Starting a podcast
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • And much more!
What do you consult on?

We work with clients from across the country on a variety of things:

  • Content ideation
  • Video direction
  • Content audit
  • Video audit
  • Tech gear purchasing
  • Goals
  • Market research
  • Content optimization
Why do I need a video coach?

So you don’t go at this alone.

Recording video may seem simple enough but there is a lot that goes into it – from before, during, and especially after you record that video.

Like other areas in your business that you’ve invested in hiring a coach for, video is no different, and having a video coach will turn the dial in your business quicker than if you were to go at this alone.

Like we always say, “teamwork equals success” and if you are feeling stuck, challenged in any way, or aren’t moving forward as quickly as you would like then we should probably talk.

Do you offer virtual coaching?

Yes! In fact, most of our clients are actually located across the country so virtual/remote coaching is normal for us and we make it easy for you.

How it works: We meet via Zoom and go over your questions, concerns, equipment, and yes, even your studio setup (the area where you would like to film).

Do you offer in-person coaching?

Yes, in-person with the option to travel coaching is available upon request. If this is of interest to you, I would love to further discuss this option with you. Feel free to contact me here

Can I hire you to be part of my live streaming video show?

Yes! If you would like me to be part of your live show (be the producer behind the scenes or be a co-host) please reach out so that we can further discuss this and see if we are a good fit.

What is Tech Ed?

Tech Ed, by Ed Troxell Creative, is your go-to resource for all things tech in your business. It’s the starting place where you go when you don’t know the answers to your tech challenges.

It’s where you can quickly post your question, get a solution, and keep things moving in your business WITHOUT all the extra stress.

The best part is, Tech Ed is a judgment-free community where you can feel supported and can ask your “non-techy” questions without the fear of feel “dumb” or “stupid” for not already knowing.

We understand technology is complicated and complex.

This is why Tech Ed is here to help!

You can choose from a monthly or yearly membership as well as learn more at Tech Ed here.

What is video marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is you creating a video that markets your small business online – you can showcase your business, share discounts/sales, and you can teach by sharing your expertise!

Learn more with these 3 tips for video marketing

How to market my business online?

First, you want to make sure that you have an online presence set up which can look like this: 

  • Website – to drive traffic to
  • Facebook Business page – to be on the largest social media network
  • Instagram Business page – owned by Facebook and is a very popular social network to share your business on
  • LinkedIn  – a professional network where you can really connect with other businesses
  • YouTube channel – YouTube is owned by Google and now that you will be creating more videos (even if you haven’t started yet, you found me so we will help you do this) it’s important to have this to post those videos to so people can find you easier
  • Email marketing program – it is so important that you have an email marketing system set up and that you are actually collecting email addresses and sending out regular email communication

I can go on but these are the main ones that will set your business up for being able to market yourself online easier.

Why should businesses go live on Facebook or Instagram?

Facebook Live or Instagram Live is one of the best ways for a small business to market online. Going live allows you to work smarter not harder by allowing you to create a social media post (content for your social media profile) and record video content which you could use later (we call this repurposing and it’s what we teach our 30-day Video Accelerator clients). 

What tools do you recommend for business?

We’ve actually put together a tools page here for you to check out.

“Let me start by saying that I’ve been in the Professional Development (training, coaching, curriculum development) world for some 25 years and I’m an ATD Master Trainer. So, if I give a recommendation on someone and their training capabilities, you can best believe it’s coming from a credible source! While I’ve known Ed via Social Media for some time, we had never worked or consulted together until recently.

I needed some assistance in updating my business website and my original web developer was not going to be available for a couple of weeks. At my wits end trying to figure out where I needed to go to update my site, I reached out to Ed for some guidance. We jump on a Zoom call and within 15-20 mins I knew EXACTLY where to go, what to do, and other insights. Mind you, I was familiar with this web hosting site, but not the way my developer had set it up. Ed figured it out in a matter of about 10 mins, and we were off!

*He did not speak to me like his knowledge was above my head.
*He took into account the level of knowledge I already had, met me there, and built upon it.
*He encouraged me to figure some things out on my own once I knew where to look and what areas to select. Again, accounting for my previous experience and wanting to expose me to more.
*He offered positive reinforcement and gentle feedback with correction, if needed.
*He was patient, friendly, and open to my questions (I’m a one and done kind of person — teach me once, let me ask questions and take notes, and I’m good to go!)

*Ummmmm…..none?! Seriously, it was a pleasant experience all around! 😊

I look forward to learning more from Ed through his courses, and collaborating with him on future projects. I couldn’t say it enough, thanks Ed!! You took a huge weight off and helped me to continue growing!” – Showeshi Boston

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