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You know what’s sucky about new technology? You don’t have someone reliable to turn to when it doesn’t work. Sure you might have the kids or even a neighbor but you don’t want to bother them.
Plus, you know they’ll have that look – that look like, “Really? You don’t know how to…all you do is…” and they go so fast, speaking a foreign language that you just sit back, smile, node, and say, “Oh thank you!”
Who wants to go through that endless cycle or worse, you just avoid it all together and forget about exploring? No! You need to explore! Your business depends on it and there’s a better way – it’s called Hey Ed!
Get It Done VIP
Let me ask you, how many things are on your to-do list right now? How many of those have you been putting off for some time now? It's ok, I get it. Things come up and for many of those items you're just not sure what programs to use – you need help. 
Imagine, being able to spend a day with someone who can get you organized, help you with the tech pieces, and connect all the dots for you so all you have to do is show up!
Whether you're trying to start your own podcast, set up your social media game plan or just get organized and free up more of your time my new Get IT done VIP one-day intensive is exactly what you need. 
Yes, you can totally have and build your own website. In fact, I even give you my best recommendations for what you need. Where you might run into trouble though is actually putting the pieces together as there are a lot of moving parts. 
Sure you could spend hours researching and watching YouTube videos or even building something on say WIX just to get by but is that really what you want, just to get by? 
No, you don't want to "just get by." You want to cut to the chase and do it right the first time. Let me build your website today on Wordpress – I make it easy for you to manage – and let me save you weeks of pain and stress. Your audience is waiting, they won't be for much longer. 

My Work

Content Management


The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program is an amazing nonprofit organization where I help manage their…

  • Online presence
  • Update their website content
  • Email marketing
  • Video editing

Tech Support & UX

Sonoma County Human Race

The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County brought me on for the 2018 & 2019 Sonoma County Human Race as their tech guy (A.K.A. Tech Man). I helped…

  • Plan the event
  • Cleanup the website
  • Create video tutorials for user sign-ups
  • Provide tech support to customers
  • Capture moments to share on social media
  • Increase their Facebook presence

Project Planning & UX

Panasonic Eco Citizenship Project

The Foundation for Impact Literacy and Learning is an amazing nonprofit organization that has brought me on to update their website including the Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project website. I help with…

  • Updating the website with new content
  • Email marketing
  • Project planning and the user experience

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