Small business solutions

We provide small business owners with quick, trustworthy solutions that are easy to implement – even if you are not a “techie.”

We show you how to use the latest technology so that you can not only improve your presence online but also provide a better experience for your customers while making your job easier. We also show you how to organically grow your following on Facebook and Instagram – the two largest social networks around.

We save you time and put more money back into your pocket. Oh, and don’t worry about us speaking all “techie” either. We break everything down so that it’s easy to understand. By the way, there are no “dumb questions” around here.

What’s an example of a business breakthrough session?

Sessions can include:

  • How to create/organize your social media strategy
  • How to properly use live broadcasting on Facebook & Instagram to maximize your exposure online
  • How to start a podcast (idea, tools needed, show content, and getting it in iTunes and other podcasting channels)
  • How to plan an upcoming event and promote it on social media

Real life example: Let’s say you want to increase your engagement on social media. You would book a business breakthrough session with us so that we can look at your Facebook and Instagram to determine what’s been working and where your opportunities are.

Don’t have these set up yet? No worries, we can help with that too during our session!

We look at your business and the data with our creative eye. We use our proven success guide to show you how to organize and plan out your content. We even show you which tools can help you do all of this which will save you time and money!

We literally figure out what you’re trying to do, get you what you need, and show you how to go about moving forward – done & done! For those who would like to carry on past the breakthrough session, we do offer monthly retainer options which we can further discuss at that time.

The whole point of these breakthrough sessions is to get you what you need in order to bring your idea to life today, not “someday.” We don’t want the tech to hold you back any longer forcing you to keep putting things off.

Keep in mind, everyone – including you – has great ideas, but you have to have the strategy behind it to work – that’s where we come in.

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Proudly Doing Business With

And many more…

Content Management


The Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program is an amazing nonprofit organization where I help manage their…

  • Online presence
  • Update their website content
  • Email marketing
  • Video editing

Tech Support & UX

Sonoma County Human Race

The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County brought me on for the 2018 & 2019 Sonoma County Human Race as their tech guy (A.K.A. Tech Man). I helped…

  • Plan the event
  • Cleanup the website
  • Create video tutorials for user sign-ups
  • Provide tech support to customers
  • Capture moments to share on social media
  • Increase their Facebook presence

Project Planning & UX

Panasonic Eco Citizenship Project

The Foundation for Impact Literacy and Learning is an amazing nonprofit organization that has brought me on to update their website including the Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project website. I help with…

  • Updating the website with new content
  • Email marketing
  • Project planning and the user experience

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