What is this new #ShowerChallengeGo challenge all about?

For starters, it’s the first challenge that is truly fun, clean, and makes everyone feel good! The challenge idea came to me after I saw to of my friend’s post on Facebook them singing in the shower – fully clothed and no water was running.

I thought, that is fun but I am not about to try and sing for real and scare people off so let me lip-sync.

I had been reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crushing It! Book and in there he talks about this music app called Musical.ly. So I checked it out and thought this would be perfect for my “singing in the shower” moment. That’s when I thought, why not make this a challenge – given all the crazy Tide pod and condom snorting challenges we could all really use this one!

After quickly creating an account with Musical.ly I browsed the songs, found one liked, hopped into the shower (fully clothed and no running water) and hit record!

15-Seconds later I was done and I save the video to my phone.

After I went over to Facebook, uploaded my video, wrote a post, and hit publish! From there I waited to see what would happen next and the results were beyond amazing! Well, see for yourself here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

Ok, you’re next up! Rip the band-aid off and just do it – you will make someone’s day that much brighter!

How to participate

1. Record yourself signing in the shower (no water needed and clothes required — let’s keep it clean).

You can use whatever app, I used Musical.ly for mine as I didn’t want to bore you with my real singing lol. Then just save the video to your device.

2. Create a new post on Facebook and/or Instagram, upload your video and make sure your post is set to public and use the hashtag #ShowerChallengeGo.

3. Then Tag someone and challenge them to do the same

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