Snapchat continues to grow in popularity.

While it’s not my first, second, or even third on the list of social networking apps to use, I know it’s one I should be aware of. I’ve tried Snapchat about a year ago but just didn’t like the user interface. It just wasn’t intuitive for me. As I saw more professionals picking up Snapchat, I decided to give it another chance and lucky for me (and you) I had a friend give me a quick tutorial on how to use Snapchat. Best part, we filmed it live in Union Square, San Francisco – such an iconic spot in such an iconic city!

Take a look at the Snapchat tutorial video below to learn how to use this popular social networking mobile app. Also, be sure to leave a comment sharing what you learned. If you are a “pro” at Snapchat also leave any helpful tips in the comments too!




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