Likes and follows are out the window

There’s a movement happening with social media for 2018 and we’re finally seeing – from the top down – the focus shift from likes and follows to real engagement (something I’ve been talking about from day one).

Do any of these statements sound familiar:

  • “I need X more likes”
  • “Help me reach my goal of X amount of followers”
  • “If you have a second, give my page a like”

When I see these statements I shake my head no and my first thought is, “Why?” Why would I, like or follow your page?

  • What reason have you given me?
  • What value have you provided me?
  • What does this (my like/follow) mean for you?

A like or a Follow doesn’t pay the bills and these days it doesn’t even mean I would see your content — at least not right away.

So what’s the purpose of these statements?

In 2018, I want you to do better. It’s not your fault. You didn’t fail. It’s all a learning process.

Moving forward, I want you to provide value first. Give people a reason to like/follow your social media account. What will they get? Why should they follow you?

I promise you, if you provide value you will attract the right people, who will engage with your content and you will stand out! 🤓


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