Social media means you have to be everywhere

Psych! That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, being everywhere can give you more exposure, but I don’t encourage it. Most clients don’t have the time or the quality content to be everywhere. I encourage my clients to start with two, maybe three social media platforms due to the amount of work that is involved in one, let alone two or more. Each platform is like a mini website. So think about how much time and work it takes to build your website. Most likely you don’t want to invest oodles of time and now multiply that by 2-3 social sites.

Avoid social media burn out and find the platform you & your customers connect with the most.

Once you start generating sales and hiring more people then gradually expand. If you just want people to know about your brand then social media is great, but it won’t generate sales. Yes, social media drives brand awareness and in return, it should be driving people back to your website to subscribe or buy your products. If you aren’t generating sales from social media then we need to talk. Remember, social media is like your local coffee shop or Starbucks at 6 am. It’s packed, loud, and no one will know who you are until you stand out.

If I have social media, I don’t need a website.

Hold up! Pump the brakes because we need to talk. Social media is great for getting your message out there but please don’t think you don’t need a website. A website is key when doing any business online. You need a place to call yours. All traffic should go back to your website – your home base. Social media isn’t just about pushing your message out or getting that Like. It’s all about delivering quality content that attracts your customers who, in turn, give you a like or even better a comment.

Don’t worry so much about the numbers, they will come. That’s what I used to tell my managers at Apple when they were trying to get my numbers higher so I could become an Expert (salesperson). I had everything going for me, but those numbers just weren’t quite there. Mind you, I have never been “salesy” before and I do my own thing. I take the slow and steady approach because I know it’ll all work out. And it did! For the last year I was there, I was #1 in sales with over $1.7 Million. Why? Because I listen, am aware, and find the right solutions for my customers. I don’t want a like or a follow on social just because. I want it because I earned it. Because someone took the time to review my post. It meant something to them. Just because you have a 100 or 1,000 followers doesn’t mean anything these days. For all anyone knows, you bought those followers or more than half are spam. Either way, they aren’t real which means that big number isn’t doing anything for you in terms of sales. As my good friend Nicole Walters (A.K.A. ScOprah) would say, “American Express doesn’t accept hugs (in this case likes) as a form of payment.”


Remember, people don’t care about YOU right away….they care about what you can DO for them. They care about the VALUE you bring to their lives. So, CONNECT. COLLABORATE. CREATE. 😉

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