Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube you name it, they all require different profile image sizes.

The hard part is not picking a photo you like, but picking one that will work. We’ve all been there. You pick out a photo, edit it, and upload it to your Facebook profile image. Then you move onto Twitter and try to upload the same image yet it doesn’t look just right. Sounds familiar? Don’t even get me started on YouTube as that is the worse out of all the social networks.

You see, when uploading an image to a social media profile you have to double check each one to make sure the image fits right. Each network has specific sizing requirements. If you use a site like Canva it has templates ready to go for each network which helps. Just because you have a template doesn’t mean you just upload and go! You will still want to double check to make sure it looks correct on your profile. Templates help, but you always have to double check your work just to be sure.

When dealing with Facebook only you can check out Facebook’s Cover Photo Size Fan page for updated sizing requirements. However, if you are dealing with multiple social networks I would suggest checking out Social Media Image Maker. It allows you to choose the social network you want, upload a photo, and adjust the perfect crop size required for each network saving you time. These are just a few sites that will help you create your social media profile images. Feel free to share a site you use in the comments below.

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