I would be honored to speak at your event.

I love speaking on the importance of being online – how to better use social media to connect with your ideal clients and how to leverage video in your marketing so you can stop chasing and start attracting more business online.



Do you have any free resources I could share with new people?

Yes, I have:

How should I introduce you – do you have swipe copy?

Swipe copy for introducing Ed (if you need it, here is Ed’s one sheet (https://edtroxell.com/videosheet), a 1-page summary of who he is and who he helps).

Swipe copy: 


I would like to connect you with Ed Troxell.  I’ve cc’d him on this email (connect@edtroxellcreative.com).

Ed is a video and online business coach helping Real Estate professionals (as well as small business owners) better market themselves online by activating the power of video.

He has developed a program called The Video Advantage that teaches you how to start making better videos that attract more qualified leads in 30-days. 

For more than a decade Ed has worked with small business owners as well as Real Estate professionals – that combined with his time at Apple – and brings a very unique skill set to his work, making it easy for his clients to show up, deliver, and engage online using video so they can stand out from the competition.  

I thought it would be worth your time to connect with him to see if he may be able to help you with your marketing. He does offer a complimentary Zoom call (he calls it a “vibe check” which I love). 

Here’s his information:



Where can I find details about your coaching program (The Video Advantage)?

Everything can be found here (https://edtroxell.com/video).


In a nutshell, The Video Advantage is a 30-day coaching program where agents get 1:1 coaching with Ed Troxell + an online course + built-in weekly accountability check-ins to keep agents on track.

We provide agents with everything they need from tech (knowing what to use, how to use it, and we even send out a filming kit so they always have what they need), content to work with, to how show up on camera, and of course… how to create a winning mindset to make it all happen.

Do you have a bio?

Yes, see bio below: 


Ed Troxell is a Video Coach & Online Marketing Expert teaching agents how to show up on video for their social media and marketing so they can attract more qualified leads and close more deals. Ed was ranked as one of the top 15 coaches in Santa Rosa by Influence Digest.

As a former Apple Inc. employee, Ed brings a unique skill set to the table from sales, marketing, strategizing systems, and processes, to teaching the importance of showing up as yourself on video so that you can stand out from the competition and become the agent of choice.
Do you have a headshot?
Do you have a speaker sheet?

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