Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s possible! And here’s how…

Take a moment each week to list your top 3 priorities for the week. I like to do this on Sunday’s – one of the reasons why I refer to Sundays as sort your life out Sundays. List your big goals for the week. Then each day you should write down the top 3 goals you want to accomplish for that day. Make 2 lists – one is personal and the other is business. That way you can act small (BSQ method here) and work towards both personal and business goals. I’ve been doing this in my physical planner as well as in my digital calendar. In fact, I have my day planned out in my digital calendar (breaks, meetings, appointments, etc.). Then I write out my 3 main goals for personal and business for each day in my paper planner. I check off each accomplished task as I go.

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So why do I use both a digital and paper planner?

The digital satisfies my need to be online. It provides those notifications, those triggers, that we have grown accustomed to. The paper planner provides the satisfaction of actually checking something off the list. It also helps keep me focused when I want to be in airplane mode. The minute I get distracted, I’m looking back at my paper planner to get back on track rather than using my digital calendar where I run the risk of getting lost in clicking on links that just happen to be calling me (I have a few programs open at any given time).

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Using both a digital and paper planner also helps me manage my time better too! It makes me constantly check in with what I need to be doing, shifting my focus to actual tasks vs. scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed. What I love about the digital calendar, going back to the notifications, is that it reminds me to switch tasks or take my breaks. Many professionals and experts suggest taking a break every 2 hours or simply pausing for 1-5 minutes at the top of every hour. And there are so many techniques or methods out there to help you. In fact, I recently shared the Pomodoro technique with all of my Techie Tuesday recipients. Highly recommend! Oh, not sure what Techie Tuesday is? You’re missing out – learn more about how your life can be enriched on a weekly basis.

Here is a Facebook live I did regarding time management, goals, and making working out a priority and how to fit it all in. Bonus: I included resources for you in the comments. Check out my Facebook page and if the content is what you are looking for then go ahead and like/follow my page.

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