Tonight’s scope was inspired by CoachGlitter’s “The Power of having like-minded friends, accountability groups, business coaches and how to find them.” It was an inspiring scope that prompted me to do mine. CoachGlitter (Tiffany Lee Bymaster) created a great dialog around the importance of finding and having a like-minded group of friends. I connected with so many on this topic that it inspired this follow up scope.

Before I could do my scope I got a notice that Chalene Johnson was on on, talking about “How to build an online empire on a shoe string budget.” One of Chalene’s points stood out and that was that you have to share. Share the information you know and what you are good at. Of course this would be added to my scope which you will see below in the edited version. Below, you will discover the reason why you should have a variety of like-minded friends. In addition, you will see why Periscope is an amazing tool and why you need to get aboard the success train.

[Replay The Importance of Finding Like-Minded Friends]


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