You know, there’s something to be said about a desk. It’s the hub from which all of your creativity flows. The desk is your home base. It’s where everything begins. Yes, we have our laptops and our iPads that are mobile but at the end of the day, a desk is where everything ends up (or at least where it should end up).

Recently, I bought a desk to kick off a new chapter in my life. I quit the corporate job so I can do Ed Troxell Creative full-time. Getting a desk was a priority because my kitchen counter just wasn’t enough, especially if I’m working at home. I need to be able to sequester myself in a room vs. being out in the open for family and the dogs to distract me. Fortunately for me, I have the space and I have a view looking outside my windows where I’ve placed the desk. This desk changes the way I use my devices. It changes where I use my devices. This desk is going to be the hub where my great ideas start. This is the power of a desk.

What is Ed Troxell Creative you ask? I market myself as a creative consultant helping businesses think outside the box. I help brainstorm and provide a new perspective on your brand. I help people just like you understand how to use technology and social media for both personal and professional needs. I’m the guy you call when you need help and aren’t sure where to go. I’ve always been a resource for people. Helping people makes me feel good. That’s why I’ve chosen to do Ed Troxell Creative full-time.

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