Truth is, Entrepreneurship sucks sometimes. 

There are days when you just feel defeated and wondering what the hell you should do. 

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? Why are people willing to pay X for something that costs $$$$$ yet penny pinch when you are standing right there ready to deliver the solution they need for $$$?” 

Then you have those moments, those reminders that if you’re not careful you’ll miss, that remind you-you’re doing the work — you’re making a difference. 

It’s these moments that outweigh the bad ones and motivate you to keep going — to keep pushing forward. 

These are the moments you have to pay attention to because entrepreneurship sucks sometimes and that’s ok to admit by the way. 

Now you’re probably trying to read between the lines and wonder if I’m doing ok or not? I appreciate you for that and everything is fine. 

I just felt this is something that needed to be shared because we don’t really talk about this openly and we should. And I know that when I feel something and debate whether or not to post it when I finally decide to post it, people tell me they needed to hear that. 

I also know there are many entrepreneurs out there thinking along the same lines — who aren’t doing so well and are really struggling. To those entrepreneurs, I hope this post helps you realize you’re not alone and if you need something please reach out to me🤓

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