I’m excited about 2018 for many reasons and will be sharing more of that later, but one of the things that makes me most excited is…drumroll, please…


I have connected with SO many amazing people this year and I’ve been ‘eating my own dog food’ so to speak.

Taking more time to have conversations, step outside of the same circles, and investing in fostering relationships.

One of the people I’ve had the amazing pleasure to connect with is Ed Troxell.

I honestly can’t remember when Ed & I first connected (and oddly enough we both live in Northern CA., we definitely need to meet in person in 2018), but I’m so very glad we did.

Not only is Ed a prolific content creator, but he’s a total ‘giver’, which is why I wanted to share his new learning platform, Stupid Easy, with you guys (because it doesn’t have to be hard).

Here’s what makes Stupid Easy unique:

  • User-friendly interface even for those who are not tech-savvy
  • Mobile-friendly website, no app download required and users could, if they wanted to, build a course straight from their phone
  • Bite-sized learning – Video lessons have to be 5-minutes or less. People don’t have time for all the extra fluff. Just get straight to the point – providing those quick wins
  • Low, flat, monthly or yearly fee which a portion of these funds get donated to charity
  • And unlike other course platforms, we only keep 4% (to cover processing fees) of each course sold in the marketplace

For Ed, it’s about sharing this valuable resource with others – getting the word out – making life a little bit easier and building a strong online community.

There are a handful of free courses in Stupid Easy, so you can ‘wet your whistle’.

Check out Stupid Easy here” 

Full story: 

It doesn’t have to be hard…enter Stupid Easy


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