Facebook has transformed over the years and has become a great resource for businesses.

Whether you have a Facebook page already or are planning on creating one, you will want to utilize the cover photo as it’s valuable real estate. You want your cover image to include important information regarding your business. This can be what you offer, your website, your freebie offer, and more.

Now, if you already know about Facebook cover images, you are probably thinking, Ed, this is not new. Well, stick with me here as some of these tips might be. When you’re updating your Facebook cover image, make sure you do a few things.

  1. If you need a program to create your image, use the free website canva.com. It provides templates that can fit the dimensions of your Facebook header. Once you create that image you’ll go and download it. Most of the time it will automatically download as a .PNG file which can be fine. However, if it looks blurry when you go to upload it to Facebook then you need to go back to the download section in Canva and change it from .PNG to PDF – print. Then open up the PDF in any program that will allow you to convert it to a .PNG. I’m on a Mac so I use Preview – it’s really easy. I just got to file export and then switch it to it .PNG. Then go upload it back on Facebook and you should see a much clearer image.
  2. Once you decide on what image will work for you and your profile, go ahead and save it on Facebook. After Facebook has uploaded it, go to your phone and see what your profile looks like. The majority of people viewing your profile are coming to it from a mobile device. So you may have a big beautiful cover image yet most people can only read half of what you have on there because it doesn’t work on mobile.
  3. Once you’ve decided on an image that works both for desktop and mobile views, make sure you add a description to the image. This can include your website, signing up for your email list, liking your Facebook page, and more. You will be surprised on how many people click on an image and find no description. That’s valuable real estate for you.

You now have an updated Facebook cover image.

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