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      Getting Started in Business


      FYI: Sonoma County Library offers free business resources to help you plan, build and grow your business. 

      Getting Started with Online Marketing
      • Aweber for email marketing
      • Beacons for link in bio over on Instagram
      • ClickUp: The best way to organize your entire life (CRM, Marketing, Content, and much more – includes automation)
      • Acuity Scheduling – Any easy-to-use online booking system that works for any type of business and budget
      • Interact Quiz – Grow your leads with this easy to use quiz generator
      • Canva for creating my graphics to help market your business online


      Learn more about social media…

      Getting a website
      Video Gear & Software

      Video Software

      • Video chat app for websites, emails, and more – Check out Tolstoy (I use it here on my site)
      • Zoom: Easy video conferencing
      • StreamYard makes it so easy to stream live in multiple places at once from any web browser!
      • Video uploading:
        • Vimeo (more control over your videos vs YouTube)
        • YouTube
      • Video editing:
      • Online Video Editors

      What do you need to get started: 

      • Fairly new iPhone (preferred) or Android
      • Ring light (extra light does wonder)
      • Microphone (optional & you can use the one that is built-in to your headphones)
      • Selfie stick tripod (so you don’t have to hold your phone all the time)
      • A social media account (ideally on all of these channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and for some…TikTok)


      • List out your ideas
        • Ask yourself: What do people always ask me (or ask those in my industry) about?
      • Pick 1 to run with
      • Plan out what you want to say & where you want to send people after they watch the video
      • Find a place to record your video
      • Record your video now, worry about posting it later


      Need more support? Apply for The Video Advantage Coaching Program


      Scheduling tools:

      Video Ideas (inspiration)

      Accounts to check out for video ideas: 

        Make Money Online
        • Pensight: build out your own digital empire from online store to online course creation and more.
        • Acuity Scheduling: Any easy to use online booking system that works for any type of business and budget
        • Heartbeat Community: Build your very own membership community with amazing features similar to Facebook groups (but way better) with lots of flexibility for free and paid options as well as access level.
        • uscreen: allows you to launch a membership site or monetize your live streams all-in-one place.
        Learn LinkedIn
        The Good Agent Podcast for driven business professionals, from Real Estate Agents to Coaches and Small Business Owners

        The Good Agent Podcast

        Join us as we explore the latest trends and techniques, share inspiring stories, and provide practical advice and support to help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your business goals. The Good Agent is your go-to resource for all things business and personal development. Tune in and start attracting more joy and success in your career today!

        Vimeo is great for storing video for marketing your business online

        Great for uploading & storing videos to better market your business online

        Great for building your business website on WordPress

        Great for hosting your business website on WordPress (best support)

        Great for keeping track of your income

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