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Below are tools that I use, love and recommend. Some are affiliate links which means I can earn money but I only recommend based off what I love – not how much I could make. Read more about my disclaimer here.


Best web hosting service you’ll ever have – hands down! SiteGround takes such good care of their customers and their tech support is beyond amazing!

Stupid Easy

Stupid Easy provides the best online learning experience! You can learn something new in just 5-minutes without having to be tech-savvy! Easily Create, Share & Sell your own online courses on Stupid Easy.


Vimeo is the best for uploading and saving your videos. I use it for my online course video over on Stupid Easy. I love their customize video player and it’s so much easier to use than YouTube.

Divi WordPress Theme

There is only 1 WordPress theme I recommend and it’s this one – Divi! Divi is the best WordPress theme no matter what your tech level is. They have amazing templates, a drag and drop builder, and support tutorials! Demo here


I found this gem in its early stages and wow! Talk about an all-in-one business program that handles everything from lead capture forms to billing to keeping up with your clients and much more! Another one with excellent customer service too!

G Suite

G Suite is your virtual office that you can take anywhere – work from anywhere you like! You get all the benefits of Google Drive, Gmail – at your own domain address though – and support for less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


I was so lost before I found QuickBooks. There is a reason they’re #1 in business and it’s because of their excellent customer service! They have saved me $100’s! I use the online version as it allows me to add receipts on the go!

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling has made it so easy for people to book a time with me. From the start, I’ve used this amazing tool to build my consulting business and grow my client relationships. I even used this to book guest for a podcast.


Tired of forgetting and resetting all of your passwords? 1Password is your answer and you need to go download it now. Every time you create an account somewhere, plug it into your 1Password app. You can thank me later 😉

Ecamm Live

If you want to step up your Facebook live broadcasts like I do with Ed Talk TV then you need Ecamm Live (Mac Only) is where I buy most of my domain names because I like their clean, easy to use website and they always have sales on domain names. They make domain names “stupid easy!”


Trello is amazing! This free program allows you to really get organized and keep your business moving forward. I love their mobile app as it let’s me keep up on the go!


If you’re looking for an easy to use social media scheduling tool, Buffer is it! I like the simplicity of Buffer and the fact it ties into the iPhone nicely which makes sharing to it easy!

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